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A Shib or ASHIB , the first meme token on Cardano or ADA blockchain!

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7 months ago

Recently? No , but from the last bull run , meme tokens are not trending on the crypto market . Even investors are also now interested in memecoin investment . Because sometimes good meme coins with good team management attract whales  and the project goes to the moon like DOGE , SHiba , SHIB, baby doge and so on. But this is not a big deal as we people still think Meme coin or token just run with hype and investing on it is super risky than the investment on top rated coin such as BTC, ETH and BCH. Because all of these top 3 coins now have a lot of popularity all over  the world and you can't imagine that they are dominating the whole market .

From where the trends come from meme coin? Of course , Elon musk you are thinking? Yes, you are right. He is the main reason why namecoin was trended on the last bull market too till now . Well, the main target of memecoin is fun because there are less meme projects right now that have use cases all over the world. I heard Elon musk is going to accept Doge coin for its Tesla car company payment . Surely this is a big step for doge meme coin but no other  meme coin can be into this opportunity . 

And don’t think meme coins can change your crypto portfolio to green color . Even if there has chance , it will lead your portfolio to 0 USD and the whole portfolio will be red. 

So let’s talk now about Ashib, the first meme token on Cardano blockchain. 

Ashib introduction:

Ada Shiba Inu or we can call it ashib is the 2.0 version of Shiba Inu built on cardano blockchain , the main intention of its transaction with very low fees than any other meme coin till now. The main purpose of Ashib is to let others know about ada blockchain . You may never believe but this is true that Most of the people knew about the ETH network after Shiba Inue got trending everywhere . And Ada is a new chain , this is why people are still unaware about it . In fact, people don’t know how many ada dex available now. So Ashib is trying to let other people know that they have a meme coin that is built under ada blockchain . So that people will try to know about it , engage with ada chain . 

What will be an ashib use case and why should you invest in it? 

Most of us  now own  different kinds of NFT , right? The NFT comes from different chains such as ETH , BCH, BSC, Solana and so on . So Ada is another chain from where you can buy NFT from Ada chain . I have seen different NFT based under ada chain now trending , investors going on it and keep buying those NFT . So recently ashib partnered with one of the ADA NFT projects where you  can buy some CNFT by Ashib meme coin. Even this makes trended already that Ashib first use case will be to buy NFT. 

And according to the news , I came to know that the NFT project name is Crypto Cowboys NFT. Even the project team reduced the fee for miners if they mint their NFT by Ashib token .   

Another awesome feature of Ashib!

The Ashib team aimed to reduce their total supply of tokens to 1 Trillion within a time period so that people can ensure their investment more on this meme coin .  Also the team has announced that they will keep burning the token . You know that Ashib already keeps their token to do a public sale on time and according to their planning , they will burn the leftover public sale budget token that will not be bought by investors . The main aim is to increase the demand of ashib tokens in the market so that investors can benefit. Another feature is DAO , where their community manager can change their project management system by giving their proposal on DAO. And later the team will work according to their want. 

Do you think Ashib can be popular for the following reason?

Ashib has less transactions with faster transaction speed. The supply of ashib is much lower than other meme coins based on different blockchains . Even they aim to reduce the supply more. Later I came to know that they are partnering with an NFT project that will  use ashib to mint their token. 


Token Name: A SHIB

Ticker: ASHIB

Network: Cardano

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000 (1 Trillion)

How to Buy ASHIB?

You can get ASHIB is through the website or through Specifically, you can get ASHIB by sending ADA to the address specified on the


On a mission to build another cryptocurrency icon next to Ethereum’s Shiba Inu, A SHIB enters the scene as one of the first three tokens on the Cardano network. Furthermore, A SHIB will be officially the first shib token on the ADA network, and it is planning to hit the market in the coming months. A SHIB aims to be as successful, if not even more, as the flagship meme token on the Ethereum network.






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Written by   105
7 months ago
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A smart move on cardano, I always knew that particular coin was a gem. I can't wait to accumulate on my non-custodial App , as am motivated to do so.

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7 months ago