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Mark Zuckerberg confirms that Instagram will integrate

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6 months ago
Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and founder of Meta, announced at a conference at the SXSW technology festival that NFTs will be coming to Instagram.

Although Zuckerberg did not want to give more details about it, he has advanced that NFTs will be integrated into the photo and video sharing app once Instagram’s team of developers solves some technical problems.

According to the company’s CEO, the integration of NFTs in Instagram will arrive in the coming months. 

This will allow users of the social network to bring their NFT files to Instagram to show them to their contacts or to trade them.

Already last December Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, let slip that the company was “actively exploring” this sector. The social network’s goal would be to “bring this technology to a wider audience”.

On his own Instagram account Mosseri said it was an area that opens up new avenues of innovation for content creators.
Already last summer Instagram organized the virtual event “Creator Week”. It was an invitation-only space that the company itself described as “a private event for NFT creators.”

This Instagram project to integrate NFTs has a lot to do with Meta’s strategic line and its metaverse. The idea is to create a virtual world interconnected with several of the company’s proprietary platforms.

Zuckerberg himself has said that he hopes it will be possible for “your avatar in the metaverse to be dressed in a file that can be registered as an NFT and the user can use it in different spaces.”
In this sense, Instagram is trying to catch up with its competitors.

Twitter integrates NFT

Facebook is not the only social networking company venturing into NFTs.

Twitter, the main platform used by the cryptocurrency community, integrated NFT into the platform a few months ago. The feature allows people on Twitter Blue to display their NFTs on their profile pictures.

Twitter has also integrated cryptocurrency payments into the platform. It has a tipping feature that supports both Bitcoin and Ethereum. The feature allows users to tip their favorite content creators on the platform.

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri confirmed that the platform is exploring NFTs to make them more accessible to a wider audience.

Instagram is exploring the integration of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on its platform, according to the company’s CEO. Truth be told, the news isn’t entirely new, given that it had already been said back in July by mobile developer Alessandro Paluzzi, who in the past has revealed other mobile app updates ahead of time.

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri confirmed that the platform is actively exploring NFTs and ways it can make them more accessible to its growing user base.

Mosseri made the comments at an Instagram Q&A session over the weekend. He said one idea would be to label Instagram posts offering NFTs as “collectibles.”

He indicated that there was no official announcement yet, but that things are happening behind the scenes.
“There’s nothing to announce yet, but we’re definitely actively exploring NFTs and how we can make them more accessible to a wider audience.”

Mosseri added that they wanted to help content creators and said, “I think it’s an interesting place for us to play and also a way to help creators.”

Those who said it before

Digital artist Sean Williams revealed some of these plans back in May when he said Instagram was working on an NFT platform and was reaching out to artists working in that space.

Also, as we said, app developer Alessandro Paluzzi shared details about the possibility of NFT on Instagram in late June.

In fact, at that time, he posted screenshots of “Collectibles,” indicating that the social media platform is actively working to integrate them.

In October, it posted that Instagram is continuing to work on “Collectibles” by adding the ability to connect a digital wallet such as MetaMask. Likewise, in early December, Paluzzi said that more wallets had been added, specifically mentioning Coinbase, TrustWallet and Novi.

NFT as profile picture

According to reports, he also mentioned some new features, such as profile embeds that extend the ability to embed photos and videos into user profiles.

This could also tie in with “Collectibles” if users want to display their NFT as their profile picture, as many already do

Instagram, NFT and virtual clothing

At the moment, the Facebook creator has declined to disclose details of how the integration of these digital assets into Instagram will be carried out, as there are still many unresolved technical issues.

Platformer author Casey Newton gave an account of part of Zuckerberg’s statements at SXSW. “Mark Zuckerberg just said that in the next few months you’ll be able to mint NFT within Instagram.” Newton noted.

The statements suggest that the social network for uploading and posting images and videos could become a marketplace platform for NFT. Allowing its users to mint, store, display and trade non-fungible tokens. 

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Meanwhile, Financial Times journalist Hannah Murphy noted on her Twitter feed that Zuckerberg hopes digital avatar wearables could be minted as NFT. 

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Social networks’ bid for NFTs

NFTs are opening doors to new possibilities for content creators, and more and more social platforms are looking to integrate them.

Through NFTs, artists and creators can offer exclusive content to their fans, allowing them new forms of monetization and a closer and more direct connection with their audience.

Other social networks, such as Google-owned YouTube, Twitter and Tik Tok are also integrating NFTs into their platforms to empower creators.

Twitter already allows its users to authenticate NFTs to display them on the network as profile pictures. YouTube and Tik Tok are geared to implement NFTs as a digital tool.

They aim to provide creators with a new way to showcase their work and be rewarded for their work. 

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