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My Anime For This Season

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5 months ago
Topics: Anime

It's been more than a month since Summer 2021 Anime started, and so far, I'm enjoying them. I initially thought there would be only a few decent ones, but I'm surprised with some unknown titles that exceeded my expectations. And now it's hard to choose which anime should I watch this season and which should I skip. Finally, I've made my mind and selected this anime based on my three episodes rule.

This article will contain the list of anime that I decided to watch and follow its weekly release until it finished. I would love to watch all anime this season, but unfortunately, my time is not unlimited. So I carefully picked which anime caught my interest, and I know I would not regret watching until the end. So let's start with;

Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon A

Genre: Comedy Fantasy Slice of Life

Well, of course, who wouldn't want to watch this iconic anime of Kyoto Animations. It's their comeback anime from the last arson incident, and I'm amazed how they still managed to give us decent quality despite what happened. We can see Miss Kobayashi again with her Dragon friends and witness their fun and wholesome daily struggle. But wait, it seems like there is another dragon who wants to join their growing family. Will it be good news or another troublesome fellow? Let's watch and see.

Tantei wa Mou, Shindeiru.

Genre: Mystery Comedy Drama Romance

Detective and superpower stuff with a bit of romance in one anime sounds like a complete package. The Detective is Already Dead is a fun and refreshing anime with a story full of mysteries and questions. What would you feel if you've been caught in trouble between the world-famous detective and a criminal organisation that uses human experiment and modify their bodies? But one day, that detective that you've spent your next few years together fighting bad guys and solving countless mysteries have mysteriously died. How did she die, and what's her relationship with the girl who suddenly appeared who have the same vibes with the deceased detective? It's crazy but let's wait and see.

Sonny Boy

Genre: Sci-Fi Superpower

Being my Most Anticipated anime, I can say that I'm disappointed a little with Sonny Boy. The story is confusing, and it feels like the writer is just free writing a novel. They just set a goal, which is to return to their real world, and the whole story is just random ideas I don't know where they get. Nevertheless, I still like how messy it was. The entire school, along with the students, are transported into another dimension. They've gain superpowers, and now they are doing their best to return to their natural world. It is an excellent example of "A Beautiful Mess" that's why Sonny Boy is included in this list.

Heion Sedai no Idaten-Tachi

Genre: Action Adventure Demon Fantasy Seinen

Super underrated and hated for no reason. I don't know why people are so triggered on the last part of episode 1. The genre is clearly Seinen, and that theme should be expected. Well, I still enjoy this anime anyways. It's a show full of fighting scenes and MAPPA flexing their colour grading in their art style. It suits perfectly to the them of the story, which is Gods vs Demons vs Humans, including some topics about beliefs and philosophy. Will the gods who live in a hundred years of peace can handle another demon outbreak and human who increases in numbers? It's so exciting.

Night Head 2041

Genre: Drama Mystery Psychological Sci-Fi Supernatural

The only CGI anime I'll watch this season. I don't care about this anime being CGI or not, but I want to know more about its story. One of the most promising stories, and the fighting is fantastic. The two pairs of siblings will be fated to meet, but their timelines and goals are different. They possess supernatural powers, and they use them to protect their comrades, friends and their only family. They will fight against an enemy who has the abilities to fight them, too, so it's exciting to see fights between super-powered humans. Is the story of two brothers just a coincidence, or it is controlled by faith?

Bokutachi no Remake

Genre: Drama Romance Slice of Life

I watch this for few reasons. And that's because I love Erased and ReLife. It's nostalgic yet refreshing because of the new stories. I have high hopes for this one. Have you thought of redoing your life and fix all of your mistakes and decisions in the past. This is what the story is all about in this anime. I don't have a long explanation for this anime because it's just simple. As the title said, Remake Your Life.

Vanitas no Karte

Genre: Fantasy Historical Shounen Supernatural Vampire

Did you know that I doubt this anime at first? I thought it would be like BL anime because why not. I have trust issues now, especially with anime with two leading male characters. Isn't this anime like that? Well, no. I like how they make the vampire genre more interesting. The history of "The Book of Vanitas" is very tragic and sad, but the wielder of it is now human and cures vampires, which vanitas hates. The love stories in this anime are also enjoyable. Vanitas and Jeanne relationship is funny but also cute and lovely. I don't know, but the romance in this anime is the best for this season.

And that's it. I honestly want to add more to this list, but I just can't. Seven is my maximum, and 1 episode per day is enough for me. For now my first impression articles for Summer 2021 ends and let's wait for more news to come soon, especially the next season. It will be a bomb. Trust my words. See you next article.

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Written by   165
5 months ago
Topics: Anime
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I also love anime. I watched Attack of the titans and loved it. Kuroko basketball and many more. They are just fun to watch

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5 months ago

Check ko nga tong iba. Sakto wala na ako pinapanood.

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5 months ago