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Are You Ready For Chainsaw Man Anime? (MAPPA Stage 2021 Review | CHAINSAW MAN TRAILER)

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11 months ago
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Today June 27, 2021 Studio MAPPA gave their official Trailer for the upcoming dark shounen anime called "Chainsaw Man". Alongside with the news regarding Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 and Jujutsu Kaisen Movie. This 3 project makes people insane but for this article I will just focus on Chainsaw Man. But don't worry I might make a separate review about those 2.

Chainsaw Man is a Japanese manga series written by Tatsuki Fujimoto. Despite being released just on 2018, the manga sell very well and by March 2021 the manga sold over 9.3 Million copies. It is a great success because not all manga can't sell this many in just 3 years. So it is expected that there's so many fans out there getting so excited even its just a trailer. But what's so great about this series?

Manga Cover of Volume 1 (Cropped)


It is set in a world where devils was born out of human fears. Denji is a young man who is working for his life in order to pay the debt of his deceased father left on him. His few organs was sold and he works as a devil hunter for a Yakuza who's his father was indebted to. But one day he was tasked to hunt for a certain devil but little did he know it was a trap set by Yakuza to kill him. Denji and his doglike devil pet named Pochita was heavily injured. But for a fortunate circumstances Denji and Pochita was previously made a pact where it makes them possible to merge. The two was revived into a Human-Devil hybrid and successfully killed the devil. Thats where they are recruited as a hunter that works for the government. It is also their own safety because they might be hunted cause Denji is now partly devil. What will happen to the two and how can they live normally as a human-devil hybrid.

This anime is set to air on Fall 2021 (most likely around October) and I greatly believe it will be the next successful anime next to Jujutsu Kaisen. People are now hyped for this anime and even few hours before the official trailer release, Chainsaw Man become trending on twitter.

This is actually crazy how popular this series is. Even though it doesn't have anime before and its just new, it gain popularity very fast like this virus. Together with Kaiju No. 8, Komi San, Spy x Family and many more popular manga manga out there that deserves an adaptation, Chainsaw Man is one I really hopes to get an anime. So it is a dream come true for us, fans of Chainsaw Man, to get this awesome anime. And here's my opinion about its trailer.

MAPPA Stage 2021 (10th Year Anniversary) Review | CHAINSAW MAN TRAILER

This live show of MAPPA 10th Year Anniversary is actually a news about Attack on Titan, Jujutsu Kaisen and Chainsaw Man but this review is just all about the trailer of Chainsaw Man.

The first few seconds at the start of trailer is all about young Denji standing in an alley witnessing a heinous crime because of the blood flowing on the ground. It looks already dark but as you can see, the animation of MAPPA is definitely world class. And it becomes more awesome after they show some scenes after that.

Denji and his ally (probably Aki and Power because they look exactly like manga) was shown in the next scene eating like a normal teenagers. And that beach scenes of Denji, Power and Kobeni playing beach volleyball is beautiful. As expected, the character design of MAPPA is just awesome. They look exactly like manga but the movement and animation is very realistic. And the next scene happen.

They introduced the dark and bloody scenes of the anime. They introduced the devils, hunters and the hybrid Denji who kills devils with his chainsaw looks. This is not what I actually expected because I thought it would be similar to Dorohedoro but what MAPPA did is like the quality of Jujutsu Kaisen. So when it comes to animation, Chainsaw Man will definitely be not disappointing.

As to my final thoughts. Chainsaw Man anime adaptation will be successful. The trailer says it all and be prepared because it will surely break the internet. Even the trailer makes the people from twitter crazy so what do you think will happen if the anime already started. I'm so excited and very anxious but I can't bring my self to read the full manga. I read few chapters before but I didn't finished because I don't want to get spoiled. And the long wait is finally over because the anime is already set on October. So I'll just be patience and wait for the official release.

Watch Trailer Here:

Chainsaw Man Trailer by Animehype

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Written by   168
11 months ago
Topics: Anime, Review, Trailer
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I didn't read Chainsaw Man, but I heard a lot of good thing about it. I guess, I'll wait for the anime then.

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10 months ago