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Smiling is life

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A small process can lead to a great change in life. Once upon a time, the owner of a mill who was very angry and proud was famous. He was an under-god. Whenever you talk, either to scold or to provide the necessary information. All the workers would be afraid to talk to him. A new laborer came to the mill. When he heard things about the master, he was no longer there. He said to his colleagues, "We should not distance ourselves from the owner." His nature may not include humor. It was the birthday of the son of this laborer.

This laborer was also called the owner on his son's birthday. He did not come the next day. The laborer came to the owner and said very happy morally sir, you did not come on my child's birthday yesterday. I brought you something. Can I give you that? The master looked at the laborer seriously and said, I don't need anything. If you want something, speak up.

The laborer smiled at the owner and said, "If you do what I want, it will be my son's birthday gift." The owner was surprised. He asked the laborer.

What do you want me to give and what do you want me to do? The laborer took out two white ribbons and saw the owner. The owner asked what these were. The laborer said: They were ever given to me by someone when I was away from others. The giver said. This one's for you. For you are a man who is very important in my life. This second white ribbon is for the person who is very important in your life. I have also brought you this ribbon and the other is for him who you love or value the most in your life. You give this ribbon to him today. The owner laughed when he heard the laborer's words, but he remained serious.

He allowed the laborer to tie the ribbon to his hand. What he wanted. When the second ribbon was given to the master, he began to wonder which man he valued most. He was on his way back home until work time was over when he got the idea of his son on the way. He was given little time by his wife for being busy after passing away. Whenever he spoke to her, she would be either a reminder or a scolding.

As soon as he entered the house, he took off the ribbon that was on his wrist and walked toward his son's room. Who was lying on the bed? The father knocked on the door and tried to come in. The boy opened the door. He was very surprised. Why did his father bother to come into the room himself instead of calling him? He was thinking. That his son grabbed his wrist, looked at him, and repeated what the laborer had said. I said that.

That being too busy, I never gave you time properly. I am sorry. He took out the second ribbon from his pocket and gave it to his son, and said, Tie this ribbon to his wrist. Whom you love most, and which is of the greatest importance in your life. The boy burst into tears.

He grabbed his father's wrist and said, "I'll tie it to you." I thought you didn't love me and I had been thinking of committing suicide for a few days. Your little talk gave me a reason to live. I love you, papa. The owner of the mill also had tears in his eyes. He put his son on his chest.

The next day, when he went to the mill, he called the laborer who had given him a ribbon. As the worker entered the room, the owner had a smile on his face. The laborer smiled when he saw a smile on the owner's face. The master asked the laborer what he had to give me the ribbon.

The laborer smiled and looked at the master and said. I read in a book. I understood when I saw the hardness of your face. For years you have not expressed love for anyone nor has anyone expressed love for you. Expressing love is very important. Sometimes a small process changes the lives of others.

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Written by   30
1 month ago
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