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Multiple faces of people

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3 months ago

"He always speaks against you, why don't you forbid him, the young man's tone was love, anxiety, and sincerity." His sincerity upset me for a few moments and I didn't understand how to answer him.

There are three types of people in the world. Some people love you to the extent of devotion. These people pick you up from the grace of man and make you an avatar, a wali, or a deity. Their devotion is not ready to believe that you will also go to the washroom. 'You will be hungry.' If your electricity is switched off, you will also sweat, and if you are hurt, your mouth will scream like a normal human being.

They make you greek gods and put you in a high niche and stand away and start offering flowers of devotion and love to your charans.' You can call them Siddique's. These people believe and testify to each of your words. These Siddique are in the lives of every human being in the world.

The other category includes people who are opposed to you for no reason. 'You don't harm them in life.' You never even face them. You never usurp any of their rights, but they are still your enemy of the world, 'it makes you laugh' and 'play' can't see it being happy and useful.

Every happiness and every good of yours falls on their hearts as electricity, and they move towards you like a man-eater but a fish. They are Abu-ignorant people. They also acknowledge your qualities in their hearts. They also acknowledge your hard work, your intelligence, and your goodness, but at the same time oppose you. No opportunity is wasted, and the third type of people includes people who are also with Hazrat Imam Hussain and also pledge allegiance to Yazid.

They also consider Hazrat Imam Hussain As their leader and remain silent on The Army of Shamar. Their hearts are with Hazrat Imam Hussain Al-Qadri, but the swords always support Yazid. 'They are different types of people, they do not have their feelings associated with you.' The first support the deceased and when it is time to hang the murderer, it is time to hang the killer.

They feel sympathy for it. If you are singing, you will hear it. If you stop singing, they will forget your name. If you write, you read it to yourself.

If you leave the world or you change your profession, they will forget you the very next day. These kids are also in the life of every human being. They can be in the form of customers. Even in the form of colleagues, 'your neighbors and your audience' viewers and readers are also my personal experience. These people come to you with a lens of devotion on their eyes, as you are forced to sit in front of them as delicate glass bangles. You sneeze in front of them, yawn, or scabbard on your ear, because when you sneeze, they look at you in great surprise, and at that time the screaming question in their eyes is "God sneezes at you too" and gets embarrassed to your sneeze at this question.

The young man sitting in front of me belonged to the first category. 'He came to me with a lens of devotion and I was sitting in front of him like a sick pigeon wet in the rain.' At that time, I was itching on my knee, but I was not taking a scratch risk in front of him.' He said that your so-and-so colleague has been propagating against you for the last ten years. 'I submitted to him, 'Brother, I don't know him at all.' I never met him.

I have never worked with him, and although his opinion is ''one-sided'' and should never answer one-sided opinions, he was not ready to accept the young man. He thought I should just take a sword and go out with him and take off the heads of all the opponents and build a tower of skulls in the middle of Fatima Jinnah Park and with him the opponents. At the end of ''a kind of plaque should be put up'' I was trying to avoid the young man's wish. 'There were three or four thick reasons for this. One I did not have a sword, although I started preaching to compromise it with the situation, he was not ready to accept it.

When I was tired, I submitted to him, 'Let me tell you an incident in Richard Nixon's life.' He sat upright,' I submitted.

When Richard Nixon resigned from the presidency, one of his opponents came to him and said to him, "I have been strongly opposing you during your presidency. I have come to apologize to you today." Richard Nixon heard this. He laughed and said softly, "When you work, people oppose you." It doesn't matter, but when you start opposing your opponents, it makes a big difference to you.' After the talk was over, I looked at the young man's face, looking at me silently and coolly.

I submitted to him, ''Nixon's saying meant that your opposition did not harm me, but If I had opposed you, I would have suffered a lot.' The young man still did not understand. I submitted, ''When you work, your time becomes precious.' Your opponents want to take away that precious time from you, even if they start opposing you.

If you get into this trap, you start responding to the objections of the opponents, and so the precious time that you should have given to your work is wasted in opposition and answers, and finally, you know that you have become a loss-making trader. He listened silently. I submitted, ''When you sit on the horse of the work job. So your opponents stand in your way with the hunter. You currently have two options,' you bow your head and focus only on your goal.

If you choose this path, the hunters of opposition become a means of increasing the speed of your horse, and two, 'You start responding to the hunter's people on the contrary', which will result in your horse stopping and you will fall prey to some hunter, even if you let them do their job and you keep doing your job. In the end, the work will be the same as the speed of the work. The young man listened to me, but he was not ready to believe it.

Dear, @TheRandomRewarder I am feeling so negative because you are ignoring my articles for the last three days. Please do not ignore this article, I have made a big effort and time to write this article.

Thanks for your attention!

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Written by   30
3 months ago
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I love to follow and remain with Imam Hussain (R.A). I hate Shamar and his army. I am happy with people who love me and I love to them. All types of people have their own way to mark their target.

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3 months ago

Exactly, the truth is always dominant. So yeah I hate them.

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3 months ago