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Journey of disgrace

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4 months ago

"We have two issues" equality and justice. We will not progress in this world and this world until we come to them. "They surprised me." I came to them to understand Islam, but they led me to development. I think man finds only three things in this world. These three things are his first and last needs.

The first of these three things is happiness, the second is peace and the third is rest. We need nothing but these three things in the world. Everything we do begins with the search for happiness and comes to happiness. If we cannot reach happiness, every achievement of ours becomes meaningless.

Peace is the second major purpose of our lives. We pay all the small and big duties from worship to service and from crossing the blind road to Hajj to attain peace, and if we do not find peace in all these duties, we should leave them immediately and the third target of our lives is rest. All our successes, all our efforts, and all our struggles are at rest. Ends 'Comfortable Car' Comfortable and Spacious House' Cool in Summer and Hot Room in Winter Relaxing Sofa 'Comfortable Bed' Comfortable Drawing Room Comfortable and Beautiful Farmhouse and Relaxing Hits on The Beach What Are These?

All these are the ultimate consequences of our performance, our work, and our efforts. These are the objectives of the life of every human being in the world, but at the same time, I wonder where Islam fits in all three of them. Where does it contribute to the cause of happiness, where does it address peace, and where does it help us in the desire for comfort and comfort.

I didn't get an answer, so I came to them to answer this lasting question. They heard my question and then replied, "We have two problems" equality and justice. We will not be able to grow in this world and this world until we come to them.'' He sat calmly on the sofa.

I submitted to him, "Sir, I have not understood." He said, "Man's comfort, peace, and happiness building is built on development." It cannot enjoy happiness, peace, and comfort until it progresses, and development and then rest, peace, and happiness are not possible without justice and equality, and Islam is the only religion in the world that has made both equality and justice the soul of its soul. I looked at him in surprise. He said, "If someone tells me to praise Islam in two words, I will say equality and justice." I submitted, "Sir, how is this?" He said, "There are five members of Islam. Tawheed prayer, fasting, zakah, and hajj. These five members are equal.

The word is equal to everyone, every Muslim, whether Arabic or Non-Arabic. Whether it is a servant or a king, and whether it is rich or poor, it is the same word for him, and no matter how big and powerful it may be, it cannot be a Muslim unless it says 'Allah Muhammad al-Rasool Allah, and this word is small or big for anyone.

Prayer is the second member. 'This member is a duty on every Muslim.' You are a king. You have to pray, and you are a slave. Prayer is obligatory on you, and for all Muslims, the time, rak'ahs, the beginning of prayer, and the method of prayer are the same, and when rows are formed for prayer, the king has to stand shoulder to shoulder with his servant's shoulder.

There is no room in Islam that if you are a king, you should pray without wudu, then the prayer will be short for you, and if you are an employee, poor, or a slave, the rak'ahs will increase for you. All Muslims pray in the same way and at the same local time shoulder to shoulder with each other. And at that time there is no great and no little one, and no slave, and no king.

Fasting is the third member of Islam. It is also a duty of all Muslims, be it, kings or slaves, they will share the same time and break at the same time and none of them will be able to eat or drink anything during this period. He remained silent, took a deep breath, and said, "Islam made equality a part of its existence, so Muslims cannot be Muslims until they follow the equality of the basic members of Islam, and when you establish equality, justice is not far from you." You automatically become a judge.

Islam is the first religion in the world to restrict justice to judges. No, but he made every person a judge. Whoever commanded every Muslim, if you are a shepherd, you are a judge, and you will be asked about your sheep in the Hereafter, and if you are a husband, a father a child, you will be asked about the good treatment of parents, good upbringing of children and keeping your wife happy, so when we Don't do justice to our daily lives. 'We should not do justice to those who are obedient to us.' We cannot be Muslims until then.

The golden age of history was the covenant of Hazrat Umar Farooq if you want to describe the era of Hazrat Umar Farooq in two words, they will be the word "Justice Farooqi" is also a golden principle of Justice of Islam and the soul is also the golden principle of Islam. He stopped and smiled and said, "No society progresses without equality and justice." You look at the whole developed world of today. You will see every country in the world developed with equality and justice and you Every country will appear undeveloped with no equality and justice, whether all the people of this country are pilgrims and every other door is followed by a mosque and its land has seas of gold, diamonds, and petrol, so unless you establish equality and justice, you will not progress and your comfort will be happy until you progress. And the journey of peace will not begin.

''I submitted, "Are these two things present in Pakistan?" He said, "No." I submitted, "Are the worlds in Islam?" I said, "Why not?" He said, "Why didn't Allaah takedown Islam?" "Allaah had sent down Islam, Sunni Islam, Wahabi Islam, Barelvi Islam, and Shia Islam." Allah's mosque was an only mosque, prayer was only prayer. Ramadan was only Ramadan. Zakaah was only zakaah and Hajj was only Hajj. Till then this Hajj was only Hajj zakaah only zakaah prayer only prayer mosque only mosque and Ramadan was only Ramadan.

Muslims continued to progress till then and due to this development they continued to find happiness, peace, and comfort, but on the day they made the mosque Shia mosque, Wahabi mosque, Sunni mosque, and Barelvi mosque, the day they made prayer Sunni prayer, Wahabi prayer, and Shia prayer, zakat was made Shia zakaah and Sunni zakaah. And made the Sunni fast, and on that day the principles of equality and justice went out of their hands, and they became displeased both in the world and in the Hereafter.

This journey of disgrace will continue until they return to the principles of justice and equality. Taste can taste.''

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Written by   30
4 months ago
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Islam make a man only Muslim, other categories are just to divide them. Being Muslim, we were supporter of both equality and Justice, but due to our despair we forget them. A good article displaying all the good principles of Islam.

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4 months ago