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Piyas Bhai grabbed my hand and pulled me to Khalamma's feet. Khalamma grabbed me. I saw Khalamma and cried loudly.

- What kind of rudeness is that? Doesn't anyone use that with a newly married girl? Did your intellect get all the laps?

- You didn't want a wife? He wanted to bring this girl as his wife. He has fulfilled his hopes by celebrating this house.

- What are you talking about? He is not only the wife of this house, how can he use his wife?

Mom, please, you want this girl to be your wife That's why I got married to keep your word And talking about the wife! I do not consider her as a wife! So you won't say another word about this.

Before Auntie could say anything, Piyas Bhaiya left the room! I hugged Khalamma and kept crying Khalamma put her hand on my head and lifted my face with both hands.

Nothing like that! You know Pius and when he gets angry his head doesn't stay right. What to say! You don't think anything will be all right 'seeThe girl has made my eyes and face swell with tears.

He handed me a dark green sari from War Drop.

- Whatever it is, it will be fresh soon

Done. I arrange for everyone to eat

I'm fine. I will get married a while ago this morning, I did not know my wedding today! I still went to varsity every day. The whole day was well spent. But I was a little surprised because I didn't see Pius Bhaiya anywhere on the way to varsity and back home today. When I came home, my sixth mother gave me sari jewelery without telling me anything. He took me by the hand and left! Wherever he took me, I saw that the place was decorated with beautiful flowers and Ala's rations were all around. In the other corner, my six-year-old Abdu is standing with a smile on his face. I will get married today. He is very angry. He is getting married without informing me. He is getting married. Pius marries his brother! Although Pius Vieira's mother and my mother were friends, their relationship was according to Bain. When I was six, I lived in the house of Pius Bhai. I don't knowCan I have a family with Piyas Vaiya?

I took off the sari given to me by my aunt, left my hair in a knot, put on a light make-up on my face, put on jewelry, saw three knocks on the door, saw Bhabhi looking at me and smiling.

Wow .. in our light it looks very sweet today. Pius thinks he can't take his eyes off you

Bhabhi grabbed my face and said I moved away from Bhabhi.

- Don't say that.

There is no need to be ashamed. Come and eat

Or maybe

Without saying anything else, I followed Bhabhi to the dining table. I saw my brother Pius when he got up and left. Maybe from today I am the wife of this house.

Alo ,,, what are you thinking mom? Income boss?

Khalamma put me in the chair and sat down herself. Bhabhi sat next to me and Bhabhi after eatingPias swallowed me in the brother's room! Earlier, when I used to come to this house, I used to stay in Piyas Bhai's room all the time. I used to decorate this room according to my own mind. But today I am scared, who is Piyas Bhai and who is this room? What are you? You What are you doing here

Suddenly I looked at the door with such a serious voice. Pius Bhaiya is coming towards me by locking the door. I got scared and quickly got out of bed. Pius Bhaiya sighed again.

- Can't you hear what I'm asking him?

- Yes brother .. he took me to the future. And besides, where would I stay without your room!

- You have no room in the house except my room in hell, huh? You have understood that you will stay in the same room as before

- But brother .. e .. brother me .. they are married বিয়ে We are her .. husband .. wife, we stay in the same room .. left.I bowed my head, closed my eyes and said the words in fear and looked at Pius Vaiyar. Brother Pius twisted my hand behind my back

He understood, you have come to cultivate rights, that's it! Wife's right! I will never give him the right to be a wife.

I pulled myself out and pushed Pius away. I shouted,

- Are you just saying don't give me the right to be a wife? Do not consider me as a wife? If you do not have the right to wife, then why are you married? Tell me .. Tell me why you ruined my life?

Brother Pius slapped me hard on the cheek, grabbed my hand as soon as I fell, twisted my back and pressed my cheek together.

Hustle, gently lower your throat and talk! You know, no one dares to talk to me loudly except my parents. Where does the courage come from?

Apart from me, Piyas Bhai, I feel pain.

It hurts a lot, I'm in more pain than that and I'm getting it now. No, not at all .. if onlyIf you think that, then you are thinking very wrong!

Mother, no, I mean ...

Ha ha ha, you are nothing but a street girl to me! I will punish him for everything you have done. You can't even imagine what is going to happen in his life! When Piyas left me, I sat on the floor and counted a few drops of water that flowed out of the corner of my eye. I said once in my own mouth

I'm a street girl Pius brother! Can you tell me this?

I got up and came face to face with Piyas Vai

If I'm a street girl, why did you marry me? If you want to punish me, you can punish me like this. Everyone in the family thinks that we will be a happy couple, but they don't know that you want to ruin my life.

Bought? What was my fault that day?

This Shane I will not give him his excuse and where I wasted his life! You are ruined

I'm a loser, yes, so I'm a loser girl and I'm ruined because you!Brother Pius slapped me hard on the cheek. I fell to the floor, Pius brother me

Topkei went. Tears welled up in my eyes

Lagla did not want to mix himself with the soil.

Pius brother then about me for so long

These have come to mind. Wants to punish me !!!.

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