Two poles

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3 years ago

I was injured for two days in the hospital

Must have 7 And I won't leave Tani and Babui alone in that house, so I shifted to Ful Family Hospital without finding any other way. Ifti brought all the necessary things from home for two days. Baralake hospital so, there is no problem.

The servant does not speak to me once, gives a stern look and does not answer even if I speak to him. E.g.,

- Won't you go home?

-Listen !!

- Saying something! Your hand hurts, dressing

Not buying?

- Remember!

The lake seems to have kept silent. Rude people, what do you think? Ehh, if I say sorry, I won't say sati in the sand, let him do whatever he can.

For two days, Ifti did not speak to me at all, not even to me. Safeya slept, I slept with the girls. Today I am going straight to court after two days. I have no objection to go to court on the date of court appearance today. Because Babui's identity will be clear

With a man and a woman entering the court

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