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--Hey Mishu, brake the scooter, push the car in front

It will stick.

--Shut up, nothing will happen.

--- Please brake Mishu's car. The car is parked in front


--- Hey don't shut up .......

Their scooter was hit hard by the black color

With a car! The lights on the right side of the car broke and they fell to the ground. They got off the scooter and stood with their hands in their mouths.

--- What did I do, Ray Mishu, what will happen now ..... [Surprised].

--- Now who will pay for it ....

--- Damn I did it on purpose or ...

Now if ..... before saying the rest, three young men come and stand in front of them] ...

The three young men will be handsome enough to look 6 or 7 feet tall, black T-shirt, black colored pants, spiked hair, full of diamonds to look at.Luke. They stared at them for a while and then a boy named Omar said to them.

Omar: Hey! What if you do it .... drive blindly ?. .. [quite angry]

Neil: Where are the eyes while driving .... angry

Rafi: When you can't drive, why go out on the road with a car ?? ..... [angrily]

Mishu: Wait! I am answering your questions one by one. Firstly ... we are not blind. Secondly ... the eyes were in front of us Third .... I can drive a car

Today I went out with the first scooter, the question is over ..

Now we come. Come on ...

Omar: Hey stupid girl, who will pay for it ?? ... [Reggae].

Nishu: Wait .... who is stupid ?? ..... [with hands on hips]

Omar: There are three of you .......

Mishu: We are stupid ..... in an angry voice].

Blue: Yap .....

Words: If we are stupid, then you are stupid father, uncle, khalu, uncle, grandfather, grandfather, etc.Omar: You ......... [Rafi stops when he gets angry] ..

Rafi: Brother, brother, stop, I see ...... we have to make up for the loss ... angry] ..

Nishu: What are you going to do now, Mishu ... if you want us to compensate for his loss ...

Words: Yes! That's what I'm thinking..everything has happened for this Mishu's child .. [whispers].

Mishu: Hey wait, don't see what I do .... [whispers].

The three of them are frowning at them

Neel: Stop whispering ....... [in a serious voice] ..

Mishu: I'm giving you the money, do you think we are beggars? Take this 500 rupees! .. [Take out the money and hold it in front of them].

Omar: Hayat! 500 rupees ..... [quite surprised].

Rafi: How much does this girl know about the price of this head light ?? ... ... in a threatening tone].Mishu: What do you think it will do to us?

Neil: What's up?

Nishu: Go away go away ... now you understand .... [screaming]

Omar: Looking at us, it seems like six lakes ......


Nishu: What is that?

Words: It doesn't look like a big lake .....

Mishu: If you were a big lake, you wouldn't want to compensate us for breaking this little light ... jumping on that broken head light]

The tuku that was good broke and fell to the ground.

Neil: Hey! But they are crossing their limits. Who do we know ???? .. [aa a.

Nishu: Wow, we don't know who we are, so how do we know? .....

Words: Yes, that's it !!!

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Very good

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