This one man has been the first in the history of Bangladesh twice in BCS

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3 years ago

The boy has just passed out from Dhaka University. Passed and took part in the BCS exam! As a result of his hard work and concentration, he became the first (10th) in the BCS exam, but to everyone's surprise, the boy did not get a job even though he was the first!

Later the 12th BCS exam came and that boy is present in BCS Viva again! Everyone present at Viva Baird was surprised to see that this boy was in the first place in the 10th BCS exam!

The Baird officer asked, "Mr. Nazim Uddin, why didn't you join the civil service for the first time?"

In reply, Nazim Uddin said that he had joined the Dhaka University as a lecturer after being first in the BCS examination last time, so he did not join the civil service. Then, Baird officers asked, “Why this time

Have you taken the BCS exam again? ” In reply, Nazim Uddin told him that the eyes of the Baird officials were wide open! Nazim Uddin's simple answer is, "In fact, I checked a little to see if my talent and preparation is right!Nothing of what you have read so far is a story, the real truth. And that Nazim Uddin is Professor Nazim Uddin Bhuiyan of the Department of Accounting and Information Systems, Dhaka University, FCMA

And yes, he was first in the BCS exam for the second time. But he did not contribute, the teacher of Dhaka University chose him as his profession

This is the first time in the history of Bangladesh that this man has been in BCS twice, but he has not declared himself a celebrity, he has not neglected anyone. Because, he knew, “The wiser he is, the more humble he is.

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