One of the daughters is her husband

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The teacher very sincerely said to the girl next door,

Janani Taymar is married? "The girl said a little embarrassed."

Yes sir I have a two year old son

There are 6

The teacher stood up. He smiled and said, "Today we will know the names of one of our favorite people! He said this and looked at the girl and said,

Mom, today you are the teacher. Go write the names of ten of your favorite people. The girl went to Baird and wrote the names of ten people! The teacher said,

Who are these? Their identity is written on the right side. The girl wrote their identity.

Next to the names of everyone in the world, there are two friends and a neighbor The teacher said,

-Delete five people from the list. The girl is hisNeighbors, and the classmates erased their names.

After deleting John's name, the girl started thinking a little. The other students in the class are now seriously paying attention to how the girl's psychology is working. The girl's hand is shaking.

He slowly erased the name of his best friend. And delete the names of father and mother! Now the girl is crying

The fun that started the class is no longer fun Among the others in the class, there is a list of tensions and the rest are the husbands and children of the two girls.

But the girl stood still and she could no longer delete her name, said the teacher

- Mom, this is a game!

Psychological game just to delete the names of favorite people

I said, I didn't tell him to kill !!!

When the girl wiped the boy's name with her bare hands, the teacher went to the girl, took a gift from her pocket and said thatI'm sorry for the storm. And in this song box

There are ten gifts for all your loved ones.

Now tell me, why did you delete other names? The girl said- I deleted the names of my friends and neighbors first.

Because I still have best friends and family when I delete the names of three people

Said, then I deleted the names of best friend and parents. I thought, my parents will not have him forever. And the best

What if you don't have friends?

My son and his father are best friends to me.


At the end of it all, when I asked one of these two to delete, I couldn't decide.

Later I thought, maybe one day he will leave me when he grows up as a boy, but he will never leave me as a boy's father!

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