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Around three o'clock in the morning, it was pitch dark and there was no sign of light anywhere. There is a touch of darkness in the middle of every house Everyone may be asleep at this time! Dogs and beasts are calling around for a few nights, and the beasts are calling to them. It seems to be more frightening. This night, on such a dark night, an impossibly terrifying giant black snake is crawling along the road. The bigger the snake, the more terrifying it looks. It walks crookedly along the road and looking back and forth. It may be looking for something, but no one but the snake knows exactly what it is looking for! After searching like this for a long time, the snake got tired So he went under a tree and took the form of a human. He took the form of an impossibly beautiful young girl. Suddenly he heard something and opened his eyes and looked at the front! And as soon as he looked, he saw two young boys looking at him in a very bad way Seeing such a look of the two boys, a mysterious smile appeared on the girl's face!

The girl is wearing a few white dresses and almost all of her body can be seen.Men may turn their heads to see anywhere! In the case of these two boys, the same situation happened, they looked at each other and looked at the girl with a lavish look! Do not think at all, how can such a beautiful girl come to this lonely place at night? Seeing the two boys staring like this, the girl stood up. After that, he leaned forward and started walking towards the two boys. Seeing the girl approaching, it was as if the two boys got very excited. Then, as soon as the girl approached them, they grabbed her hand and grabbed her. Sae fertilizer is like a shock of the current falling far away

Seeing them lying in a bloody state, the girl's tongue seemed to stick out and she reached the injured bodies of the two boys in an instant. Then, before they knew it, they put their two terrible teeth in their throats and started sucking all the blood. Thus, after eating all the blood of the two boys, they left their dead bodies there and started moving forward again in the form of snakes.

Emon is sitting with his friends on the college field. Anger and annoyance are clearly visible on his face But no one knows the cause of this anger or resentment. So Akash put his hand on her shoulder and said,- What happened to Kiri Emon? Since when do I see how angry Luke is sitting on the problem?

Emon stared at the sky with annoyed eyes. Then, with an angry look, he clenched his fist and said,

- The news of that girl has not reached me yet When will that Tanmoy come with the news? Why is he not aware yet? I want that girl, I will kill her the way I want her! He has so much courage to stand in front of everyone in college and raise his hand on me and I will cut off his hand on this Emon.

Emon punched the tree in front of him with a single sigh and immediately started smashing blood in his hand. All his friends looked back at him when they saw him punching a tree Then a girl named Liza came forward from among them and took her hand and said,

- Baby, what did you do that for? If you get angry with that girl and hit your hand so much, why buy it? Baby, why don't you understand? When you get hurt, I get hurt too.

Seeing the expression on the girl's face, all her friends are smiling and Emon pushed the girl away and said,

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