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I am sitting in the living room with a sack of jewelry on my body and a sari made of heavy stone on my body. Because this room is not decorated a bit like the living room, but the room is huge and looking at the things in the middle of a much more beautiful room, I have become the wife of a very large family. How do I know all the strange things in the room, the kind of beauty that is called the mind and the dazzling beauty of every thing, the touch of aristocracy, but I do not understand a word that they gave me so many jewelry and expensive clothes at the wedding, but did not buy the living room? Although I don't have a headache with it. Because my marriage was abruptly canceled, I didn't know that today was my wedding! I was quite surprised when I found out about the marriage this morning. Because in the middle of one day, how can a marriage be fixed? And I have never seen a boy or a boy.

Bigger than that, three days ago, my darling sixth brother died strangely. We don't know the exact reason for his death. My brother Yasin was my only friend and playmate. I loved him very much. I can't accept his death now. I don't know if my father married me three days after Yasin's deathTaelini loves me very much but I don't know where Abdu and Ammu keep a close eye on me and never let me go anywhere alone. Do not climb on the roof in the evening. She would not let me go by the window and even after I grew up, my mother would sleep with me at night, but she would never let me sleep alone to hold my hand in hers all night long!

My name is Senali Akhter Chandni, in love Abbu Ammu always calls me just Chandni. And my brother Yasin used to call me Chadnipu in Dakta. I used to quarrel with Yasin all the time.

The house we lived in was a secluded place a short distance from the city. There was no house around our house. No one would go to our house and no one would come to our house. So Yasin was my brother, friend and playmate. But suddenly what happened? I don't know. Three days ago, in the evening, Yasin and I were joking around. While I was joking, I suddenly noticed a storm coming up outside. So what do you think, I open the window and peek out and then a badger enters the room through the window and over my head.Badurta's eyes kept turning and looking impossibly red and terrible. I got scared and screamed when I saw the bat. Yasin hit the bat with a stick. At that moment, my father came from somewhere and threw something at the bat. Maybe there was water. And my father closed the window and scolded me a lot. My father had never told me that before.

Then at night everyone fell asleep as usual but when I woke up in the morning I heard Dad and Mom crying and I couldn't understand anything. Then the ground under my feet moved because of the boy after the wounded body of my dear brother Yasin in front of me. Yassin looked as if he had been stabbed to death in a corner by a terrifying animal. Yassin to endure such a situation

Couldn't I turned my head and went downstairs.

Later I found out from my mother that a terrible wild animal had entered the house at night or somewhere and killed Yasin in this way. Even though I didn't really believe it, I had to accept it.

I don't know how to buy Yasin's body very quicklyHe gave janaza and buried it. From then on, our house became very quiet, but my father-in-law increased his gaze on me a little more! Although I do not know the exact reason for it! However, it seemed that after losing Yasin, my mother might be doing it for fear of losing me.

Today, three days after Yasin's death, my father-in-law suddenly gave me in marriage. Even if I didn't want to, I couldn't believe it on my father's face I don't even know who I'm married to. I don't know what he looks like or what his house looks like.

But when my father handed over my responsibility to my groom, I just saw his hand was much fairer! And quite a soft boy. I didn't see his face at that time. Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys ........... I didn't even look at him because I had a lot of trouble and pride in my mind.

Suddenly I came back from the world of thoughts at the sound of knocking on the door He entered the room and closed the door. Realizing his presence, I put my head forward a little and sat down. I was ready to greet him when I saw him closing the door and coming towards me

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