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In the middle of the night, the wife wakes up every day from her husband's side and goes somewhere for half an hour to an hour!

But where does he go alone and why does he go ...? ! Husband is restless in thought, then wife got involved in any bad thing about me ...?

Again, he is thinking that if he prays properly, then he will show the lake

Do you pray? Or something else behind good people


If the rest of the husband decides today

Do not leave without seeing the real form of the wife.

During the day, the wife is talking about Allah's Messenger, and after midnight to have intercourse with men. !! Boo boo:

Today the husband is not sleeping anymore, when will the wife come out

Bat khan garib tal tase tas boo u nalkupe = in that thoughtIn that thought

When night fell, his wife got up and went to the tube well

And the husband is watching from a distance, his wife came a little later and went to the next room!

But there is no such thing as darkness, that is

What is he doing, and there is no word in the car, so what is he doing alone? His suspicions grew

Half an hour later, when he heard the sound of crying, he came and gently listened to the door. The tears became clear

What he is saying, he does not understand much, !!

Now it is understood that the tears have decreased a little, but this time the husband stopped listening to his wife's words!

He said, "O Allah, You are the Owner of all things, and He is the Creator of all things, our Lord." So the only thing I ask of you is to make my husband a pious and pious man. O Allah, grant me an honest child. " , Give guidance to those who are my husband's enemies and enemies ”!:

Hearing this, the husband could not hold back his tears.Hearing this, the husband could not hold back his tears.

Realizing his mistake, he made a vow He never sins again while he is alive. And will become perfect good 1.

And he never disbelieved his wife again

Do not "and he will love her all the time. May Allah make all our brothers one wife.

He will pray on his own

Amin Zayakallah Khairan will make her husband recite the prayers

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