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A true introvert

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11 months ago

"Why are you so quiet?"

"Don't be so unsociable. It won't be good for your future."

"Why don't you? Try and socialise a bit more."

Familiar with these phrases? Then HIGH FIVE! Me too. And not only these, if you're familiar with the behaviours that make you feel like an alien among people, then double HIGE FIVE! On this note. I think we all can agree that being an introvert is very tiring and difficult, specially when people don't even know the true meaning of the term. In our society, people not engaged in constant social interactions and small talks are the 'misfits.' In other words. introverts' are, we are mistaken about the people, who 'hate' everyone. Here's the thing about the misconception that often comes up.

Introverts hate social interactions or gatherings or anything related to the word 'social."

I'm very sorry (or may not be) to break it to you that no introverts hate talking to people. In fact, we do like occasional social interactions. Now, go back to a few words and see that I've used the word 'occasional' But people do seem to omit that word and think that we are very much fond of it (I wonder why). On a more serious note, introverts aren't all shy and cute and quiet. We just recharge from our alone time and thus we prefer it.

Introverts are asocial :

If you do thing like this, hold your horses and know the real meaning of asocial, because there is a kind of disorder called "Antisocial personality disorder.

In short, such types of people have no regards as to what other people feel whereas introverts are known to be more empathetic and considerate. They think a lot before talking, considering what the other person might feel. So, please don't call people asocial without even knowing them. It hurts more than you think.

All introverts are depressed:

If you think depression is a joke, I would obsolutely love to break your bubble and inform you that such is not the fact. Depression indicates a severe mental health problem which is not something you can joke about. Just because a person is introverted or plainly quiet does not mean that he is not enough or worthless. For goodness sake, we have voices inside our head we can talk to.

A wise person once said, "Your definition of "fun" isn't my definition of 'fun'. Your definition of "boring isn't my definition of 'boring'. Your definition of "life" isn't my definition of 'life'. Ok, I'm just kidding. I said that I, in no way, identify as a wise person, but that doesn't mean it's wrong. People can be different. Just because introverts, most of the time, prefering indoor activities to outdoor ones, don't mean they are 'boring'. If you could ever take a peek inside the mind of an introvert, I'm sure you would either be fascinated or weirded out.

And so, the misconceptions continue. Is it that hard to understand? Phew!! (wipes non-existent sweat from forehead)

So, to all my fellow introverts out there who are too insecure about who they are, give yourself a big,bone-crushing hug. You at least wake up early every day to go to school. It's okey if you don't like small talks or don't like phone calls or have tons of insecurities or love for animals more than humans. You are still an amazing being. Do yourself a big favour. Stand in front of the mirror and say, "Insert your name, I love you and I'm proud of you." Do it now. A crackerjack you are, indeed!

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Written by   5
11 months ago
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