My Story About My Life

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2 years ago

My story about my life.

When I was a child, I didn't have a mother and a father, because when I was a child, the one who adopted me said that I was just found with a letter on the road, and that letter was my mother's letter, and the contents of that letter were my mother's address, and I'm going to be named Viance because of the size, because I can easily see them by name, And she's no have money to buy my things, and she's no have money to study with me and buy my things.

It's a good thing someone got me because now he's got a family for me no matter what work he's just a laundress and the one who teaches if his dad's a tricycle driver is his job, so his income is all right now, and we're four siblings just right for the season and buy our food today and then oftenWhen we don't have enough rice, I only eat at our neighborhood because my dad is sick and his disease is ulcer and he's eaten occasionally because of a tricycle trip.

It's nice that it took a long time for our neighbors to send us money often to buy our food, and we thank you for understanding us. And I worked hard to graduate and find a job so that my mom and dad wouldn't have to struggle to find money for our studies, buy rice for the day, and get out of poverty.

And for me, it is the one who can support the poor as we have seen before, who are very sad, sometimes there is no research, sometimes there is no food, sometimes there are no household products, even television. No, we just sleep hungry sometimes, and the pain we feel, at the same time when other kids say I was adopted, I was in so much pain when I was in school, I was always bullied by my classmates, they just found me on the lane, and we were just poor, and what I did was I just ran home and told my mother who adopted me.

And my mother went to the principal and they were scolded by the principal and she was suspended for five days by the principal. Besides, no one bullied me when that day passed and maybe they also studied and taught them their mother's lesson, and then it looks like I can study well.

But my mom had a fever that day, and she told us that she couldn't function anymore, and she wouldn't give me a blanket anymore, but it was okay for me that I didn't have a blanket, at least I could study like my real mom just left me and left me, and he looked for me.

And I asked my mother who had adopted me where my real mother was, and why she was looking for me, and I was crying, because for a moment, I wanted to see her and embrace her, just to feel her true footsteps and mother.

And he didn't answer my question, and I kept asking him, and suddenly he cried, and he said he understood, but now he knows that he's not just telling me because he doesn't want to see me upset, and maybe what's going to happen to me, so he's just going to hide it from me first.

And he knows the address of my real mother's house, Because my mother who picked me up went to my real mother's address because we moved home because we were thrown out of our house and then we didn't have to pay rent at our house. And after a while, my mom couldn't bear telling me the truth, so she said it all, because I was still asking questions and crying..

Many days later, he went to my real mother's house to meet my real mother, so that I could see my real mother. And he came to the address of my real mother's home, and my mother, who had adopted me, asked me if it was Jovelyn's house.

After that, the person who lived there said that my real mother hadn't been there for a long time, and they said that when you finished selling her home, they knew where to go, and the rest of them said that their neighbors were asked by my mother who cared for me.

And then he asked the interrogator, who said his name was Jason, and that my real motherhad gone to another man because of poverty, and that man had turned out to be a woman, so they had always been fighting. Jovelyn told my mother, who adopted me, that she had been dead for a long time because the man she was with supposedly killed her because they were fighting when she was stabbed in the stomach, and at the same time she said that he was no more.

That's why, several years ago, he said he saw the man who killed him, but he never saw the man who killed him,And I was weeping with mixed tears, and when my mother told me that my real mother was gone, I was able to ask for a sob.

And I can sleep well with the fact that I'm going to see my real mother. Moreover, the pain in my heart will eventually vanish because they take me everywhere for a walk so that I can just be happy, and that's the only part of my story that makes me sad. And thank you all for that. Thank you so much for reading my story.

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Wow, powerful story, thank you for sharing it. Subbed :D

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2 years ago

Your story makes me sad

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2 years ago

Your story makes me sad. By the way, I am also new here. I joined 3 days ago. Let's enjoy here! :)

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