Three hours and no blocks on BCH blockchain. Bonded mining? Bobtail?

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3 years ago


From u/phillipsjk:

Bobtail, but we probably can't do it in time for the upcoming upgrade.

Bobtail: A Proof-of-Work Target that Minimizes Blockchain Mining Variance (Draft)

Of course, the whole point of your post is that it is not variance. I think bobtail would still make it difficult to profit from gaming the DAA.

Bonded mining

From another thread at r/btc:


It's very possible that the swing in hash rate is due to the recent shock in BTC price. I just wanted to take this opportunity to pitch some of our recent work called Bonded Mining. It's a proactive DAA that sets the difficulty based on miner commitments to future hash rate (along with some bond to ensure that they honor their commitment). As a result, simulations show that it is much better at coping with price shocks than the status quo, which is essentially a reactive feedback controller.

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3 years ago