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Written by   86
4 months ago
Topics: Reaction

Hello guys, It's been a while since I post an article/blogs every day, I just came back from vacation and I also come back here to write reactions in read. cash community and updates.

Before we just got points from the Read.Cash points system where when you post an article, comment in the article, like the article you will get points but it changes when the Power User was developed.

Power User has a Huge Power, where when the power user thumbs up or upvoted your article you will get 1000+ points in that post, just imagine, 10 Power User like nor upvoted your post/article/blog that is a huge point! and huge money I guest.

But all of a sudden Power User become unpopular at all, I do think right now there's no Power User.

Do you still remember back then? when @Read.Cash and @micropresident fight, I don't want to revive that, but still, that is the unforgettable moments of Reading. Cash because of Reading.Cash community vs reading. Cash itself fighting each other, then Read. Cash banned himself because he didn't follow his own rule.

Read. Cash and Me are like the same when Read. Cash post, I will make it easier to understand then I post it on my wall with a credit, but now I don't have any updates that are why I go on a vacation and leave this site for a while, but when I come back, I saw this perfect bot.


RandomRewarder is such a good bot for me, why?

  • First, when you are an old member that has a lot of posts but doesn't have a tip, this bot will tip you no matter what your post is (But when your post sucks, you don't get any ok?)

  • 2nd, He will value your post, back then PowerUser didn't value some blogs (but if you have blogs about BCH surely you will get recognized), now This bot will value it, everything just post 3 minutes or longer than that you get a tip!

  • 3rd is this bot is Absolute awesome! why? when the bot tips your post (or older) that bot will still tip your post, I don't know but I do think when your post has valued the bot will tip it every day.

The bot is such awesome mostly on the old user of this site, but when you are new? You can't get any tips (As far as I know)

Back then, I have 4 accounts!

@JustDubu - Which the target topics are about Korean Popstar named TWICE

@Correspondent - Which target about the Mystery Stories

@secret - This thing scopes about the History of The World

And last but not least, @ReactionChannel which scopes about the reaction in News, Bitcoin Wallets, Website, Free money, and Read. Cash updates.

I got lower points because the more account you use the lower points you get back then, so I shut down two of my accounts @Justdubu and @Correspondent for the sake of points because I accept the fact that I came here to get some money.

And now I am thinking of shutting down my 2nd account which name is @secret and replacing it with @DeeperThanWeb because that one is I think the best name for my topics, I don't know but I didn't get any tips in that account, My post is always longer than 3 minutes when I post, I also give credits to the sources of the topic, and I also give more information when I post.

But it gets harder to get, I'm thinking of shutting down that account.

As I said earlier, TheRandonRewarder is not that good in Newbie Accounts (Even if you are the only one who uses the IP of your household).

That's all for today! Thank you for your time!.

Disclaimer: I don't mind getting any tips in this account, I just sharing my reaction about the bot, if you have any suggestions N, thoughts, and critics you are free to comment down below.

Once the @TheRandomRewarderd notice my work, I will post an update using a short post, so if you want to have some update you can subscribe to me or you can manually check my timeline using the Search bar above.

This is a testing repost Article, I'm testing the RandomRewarder on how the bot manages the article per post, I will update the next day if the testing is a success or not, if you mind subscribing, please subscribe it's free and you can also change your mind.

The final testing is here, Next week I will post the final result of testing!.

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Written by   86
4 months ago
Topics: Reaction
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The bot works fine for new members. I am a new member and so far all my earnings are from the bot tips. Without that bot, this place would have been very dry for me at the moment.

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4 months ago