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Can you Survive College Alone?

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3 months ago

Before I answer that question, meet Emery Bergmann.

Emery Bergman is the one who created a series of a film about the loneliness, I saw her while surfing on the internet, she was also known as "The Girl that has No Friends", she posted a video on youtube (more like film) that goes viral in 2018.

She also posted an article about loneliness in the new york times, the article is all about her first year being in college, she keeps asking her self why she doesn't have a friend for the first week, and that first week become two weeks, and suddenly became one month of seeking a friend or best friend.

She spends a lot of time surfing on social media sites, checking her high school friends on how they get new friends in college. 3 years ago, since she is a freshman in Cornel (A school), she was assigned to make a project, a short film project.

So as a maker of a film, she chooses to focus on her disappointments in the early weeks in college, and that disappointments are about getting troubled in making friends in college.

So to make the story short, her film becomes viral and got a lot of comments from a people who got the same situation as her, and then when she becomes a 2nd-year college she got a lot of new friends.

She also shares some good moral about her story, So I will give my own opinion about this

You can’t clone your high school friend

Yes, you cannot, I myself also a freshman in college, it's hard to find a friend that have the same vibes as me, like yesterday, I'm asking the group chat to add me to another subject group chat, they didn't answer me or what I want to say is they just seen my chat then ignore it, but then this day one gurl add me to the group chat, she keeps saying sorry (but I didn't feel any sincerity on it), then I just said: "It's ok, it's my fault".

The reality is, you can't see the vibes like what you thought.

Social media is not reality

Yes Social media will never a reality, friends there is not your friend In-person, Friend in social media sites and friends in person is different.

Social Media Friends, is kinda short time friends, where you can share your problem but they still don't care (I didn't mean to hurt some people feel but this is the reality for me)

Friends In Person, will be your family and a guide as well, why? they can feel what you feel, you can start a conversation any time you want.,

Give yourself time to adjust

Stop seeking for real friends, because real friends will exist if you want them to exist, I'm currently adjusting my self in this time of pandemic mostly in college because I can't ask my classmate in GC nor in private because I didn't know if I get ignored again or what, by the way, I saw 1 guy who always answers my question in the group chat but again I can't feel if he want to be a friend of me or not, I will just gonna wait here and give my self-time.

And also I found this guy on Facebook, I didn't know his name because the page posted it here's a photo:

I can't say anything about this, because I feel what he feels, It makes me laugh and then suddenly realize this is the worst feeling at all.

So the answer to the question is YES YOU CAN, why?

  1. Being alone will test yourself of being dependent, it will show you that you didn't need any help because you can do it on your own.

  2. Self-learning, you will realize the changes in yourself, like you can do things that you can't do before.

I didn't say that having friends is bad, all I want to say is you can be alone or you can have a friend, like what the well-known quotes said "No man is an Island", communicating with other human being is not bad at all, but being yourself and dependent to your self isn't bad also, you are not selfish, you just want to depend on what you can do.

That's all for today thank you!.

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Written by   85
3 months ago
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Hmm.. Wait, I haven't read the article, pero collage, or college? 😅😅

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