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Bug Report: Read.Cash not Accessible (Fixed)

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6 months ago

June 24 2020, 8:30 PM (GMT +)

Read. Cash is now accessible about 2 mins due to an update.

It is replaced as flipstarter when you click somewhere you will go to, its a planning team in Read.Cash that talks about upgrades and something about BCH.

That is what it looks like when I access the site recently, I thought Read. Cash is somewhat hacked but then it is fixed now they recently give a notice that they Adding a Daily Spent Limit per day so that the pledge will not burn out too in just 1 month.

See the update Here:


They put some server upgrade that takes about just minute but as expected it just took less than a 10 minute, see the Read.Cash response:

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Yes, it was sort of confusion like what is going on with, are crashing or have they blocked my account. Then the site came back

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6 months ago