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Bug Report: Community Post Spam (Fixed)

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Hello It's me again your Read.Cash yellow head commenter to give you an important notice about this bug.

I recently notice this bug when I post an update in a community.

Photo for Testing only, and for some illustration

If you see in the picture its like a normal update didn't it? But lemme give you an advice, someone can delete that and repost the same thing again and again.

How they do that? Simply posting a 60 characters post nd deleting it again which lead to spam on notificstion of someone who subscribe from that author and points value to other legit authors.

2 post per 30 sec = 10 points just imagive theres a 60 seconds in a minute and 60 minute per @Read.Cashany points did a spammer could have?

Its about 1,200+ points!

Yeah thats right

10 per second

20 per munite

1,200 per hour

Such a big points didnt it?

This article is sent first to @Read.Cash email so if you see this article it is already fixed.

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