Transmuting the Tension of Identity into the Intensity of Individuality.

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A Contemporary Mystics Guide to Inner Alchemical Transmutation

My I/Eye stands for Intensity.
Intensity of Perception.
Intensity of Reflection.
Intensity of Action.
Intensity Of Love.
Intensity Of Expression.
Intensity of Authenticity
Intensity of Individuality
An infinity of intensity, intensifying in presence while expanding in depth.
The resonance of the initiating blast of creation vibrating out into limitless boundlessness.

The I that stands for Identity is the shadow of Intensity.
It knows only.
The Perception of Identity.
The Reflection of Identity.
The Actions of Identity.
The Love of Identity.
The Expression of Identity.
The individuality of pretentiousness twisted in exhausting tension.
The Authenticity of a cheap Imitation, copy-cat its limitation.
It is the illusion of misplaced intensity fixated with attention on identity, wandering life as a tense stranger visiting an infernal miserable city.
The Constricting noose of forgetfulness from which our soul Hangs lifelessly by the neck of our identity.

Crucified by our having fallen asleep to the nature of our intensity, in which we have become transfixed by our narrative of identity, having lost the primordial power of our intensity, that is the very distillation of an energy, vibrating at & reflecting the first cry of creation, god outwardly exploding as the infinity of this universe beyond comprehensibility.

Through the Mirages of Tiredness we seek liberation in sleep, retiring to sleep we decide to sleep despite never having woken up, and to step out of the timeless into the confines of time in which lives our identity, for the true ā€œIā€ never sleeps, only the mirage of Identity gets put to rest, for a brief moment released and suspended, in deep dreamless sleep, as we recharge in the life-giving source of our sleepless radiant lightless intensity.

Until the Intensity of Creation beckons you back into Life, for The Intensity Of Creation, had no intention upon resting confined to the cycles of limitation that held back its intensity in the lifeless prison of identity, constantly exhausted and over-saturated by the reflection of its own majesty through the constricting lens of its illusory identity.

How do you shift from the lie of identity to the truth of intensity?

Remove your attention from the loud commotion of your identity & instead keep it diligently rested on the stillness of your intensity.

As it rests upon the stillness of intensity, watch the fading of the illusory identity as the dance of the trance ends through mysterious transcendence, broken by the titanic tidal waves emanating from the ripples of your intensity as you focus inwardly and bring it into resonance, awakening a flickering dance, a descending trance of wakefulness, the elegant moves of an ineffable flame beyond conception.

I Am That I AM, Omnipresent Intensity, Omniscient Intelligence & Omnipotent Infinity,

by Shahanshah Artin, The Ravenking

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