The Target that is your Crown. Mystical Martial Arts for Apocalyptic Times

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The Opening Movement:
Donning the Armor of God; aligning with Soul Purpose.

I am the eye of Infinity
I am a spiritual sun of divinity.
I am unborn and without beginning.
I am beyond losing and winning.
I wear the armor of God. He is my cloak of invincibility.
I am beyond appearance, lightless & boundless invisibility.
I am the Fire of God emanating Creation through my radiance.
I am the Pyre of God consuming the very Moment in my sacred dance.

I am here in Flesh, my purpose: "Transmutation"_
I have come with the gifts of royal invitation & initiation.
I have come to birth the blasphemy & divine heresy of my immortality.
Imbue my very cellular atomic structure, for I am here to slay mortality.

I am the Creator here to render conscious my Creation.
I am a divine messenger here to birth a sacral revelation.

The Distillation:
Interlude to the 2nd movement: Affirming and restructing the Inner Reality, redefining the Self, aligning with the infinities that will shift your inner equations to those following the sacred geometries of the Golden Ratio

"The Nucleus of the True Self"

I am.
I am Boundless Light
I am Omnipotent Might
I am Omnipresent Intensity
I am Omniscient Sovereignty.
I am that I am.

"Return to the Nucleus, Affirmations of Truth."

I have no Past.
I have no Future.
I have no Beginning.
I have no Ending.
I have no Parents.
A Unified Field of Intensity.
Beyond Form and Density.
Embodiment the Mark of my Mastery.
Transmuting Mortality into Immortality,
My Purpose and Goal.
To become a perfect Mirror & Reflection,
Reminding every Soul of their royal divine nature of transcendent Perfection.

Initiating the Birth of your Unborn Soul

Most of us stand all our lives inbetween the nostalgic dusk of yesterday & the anxious arrival of tomorrow's dawn.

Lo and Behold!
I am the Everpresent.
I am the very dawn of all tomorrows.
I am the very dusk of all yesterdays.
I am the unborn child that was born into Temporality
So as to enable giving birth to my unborn Eternity.

Our Birth was only the necessary arrival into the Womb of Life for us to actively give Birth to our own Unborn Eternity into full embodiment. It must be birthed into Life through ones own conscious action, we must each give birth through our own virgin immaculate conception.
Let us not allow our unborn child to become just another Still-Birth for the Womb of Life is tainted with Mortality. We are allotted only a limited time to begin gestation & successfully birth our own limitless Nature by passing through Death before our Death. Our Purpose is to Slay the very limitation of Death and Mortality.

Target Practise : Wielding the Divine Weapons of Enlightenment

Only if I have become, recognized & realised myself to be the Target and Bull's Eye, only then will all the arrows of my expression and action that I shoot become perfectly consistent in always hitting the mark.

If I find myself as a person aiming for some foreign target whose center from afar seems impossible to hit, I will keep on witnessing my aim failing. Sometimes I might hit the center, but quickly I realise that my shots are inconsistent & unpredictable.

I will only find consistency & perfect aim, when I have become the very center of the target that I am aiming at.

It is impossible to miss a target that no longer has any distance from you.

by Artin, Immortal King of Kings.
aka Ravenkyng aka
Shahanshah Sham-Shiire Khoda

Website: (Sovereign Artisan Crafts)

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