The Second Coming - Hidden Royal Rebels of a Strange Nature.

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The saints and enlightened beings of the past, have often been turned into these sterile, puritans of absolute perfection, when in fact their embodiment was often a paradox of perfect imperfections. These times are times in which a new age heralds its arrival. And the prophecies of old obscure metaphors, such as the second coming of the christ, were riddles given in abstraction, for that which they had anticipated but could not fathom. You see those of you who are tuning out of the old world, becoming bored of fear and conflict, those of you knowing of a different world deep inside of you, those of you wandering like ghosts among eternity, as the world passes by in a dream of temporality. You the few who enjoy a fresh breath of pure life-infused air, those of you who take the time to cherish the flowers and kneel down so that you may have revealed their scent naked and bare, those of you capable of treasuring that ephemeral intoxication, those of you wondering "why not do it now instead of waiting to do it in my pension?". Each one of you and many more strange fellows. You are all the second coming. Christ returned as Legion. You are the royals, some of you still half-asleep, not yet having fully fathomed and realized, that you are the children of god, here to birth the world from within, that paradise, into the outer world, agents of transmutation, here from the ashes of purgatory, make thy inner Eden rise.

Listen, you are each the Eye of Immortality.
You posses total invulnerability.
You are the child of infinity.
Royal by birthright, made of divinity.
You are Eternity, Changeless, Transcendental.
You are the Witness, Source of every Elemental.
You are the Spiritual Sun of Life.
Ever Free from Conflict and Strife.

The Sages and Great Masters of the Past did not hand belief systems to us.
They did not hand us Spirituality as something separate from Reality.
They were trying to wake us up to the Reality of Spirit and the Spirit of Reality.
They were trying to point to the truth of our nature.
They were trying to awaken the source of matter that is within you.
For when they spoke of Immortality, they offered the possibility of testing out what would happen, if you truly lived as if that were the case.
When they spoke of Invincibility, they offered the possibility of testing that out and its limits.
How do I test it out? I must understand how to test out the hypothesis, to do so I must fully enter the mindset of someone who is invincible.
But invincibility means invincible on all levels. So I can’t react to things like someone with vulnerability.
Such as complaining about a scrape or scratch, being easily offended and hurt by other people their words and actions, feeling hurt by the world and life, etc.
Whenever I am confronted with a part of myself that is acting from Vulnerability instead of Invincibility, I must take the time to realign myself to how an Invincible being would truly respond to what happened.

So I challenge those of you who get the drift, to contemplate and consider doing an experiment, if birthing a new world seems more fun at least to you merely than just watching the old world crumble passively on the sidelines. Then why not consider that if I truly Embody Immortality, Infinity, Eternity, Invincibility in all domains of my Life, and Logically see it through to the finest details, then perhaps, I might end up with the result of fully embodying that to such a degree, that we become living immortal embodiments of materialised light, here to steward this planet of abundance and beauty, and shine as spiritual suns, the lightless light of divine royalty and consciousness to all beings in the universe.

by شاهنشاه آرتين ,
Eye/I of God, Just A Secret Name of God.

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