The Plague of False Nobility.

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The world is beginning to wake up. There are veils being lifted from the eyes of those that have been blinded and led astray by the constructs of our world, and certainly the constructs imposed upon us by our Rulers and Leaders.

The Kings, Queens, Royals, Religious Leaders, Nobility of this world have accumulated vast libraries of secret esoteric knowledge from all over the world, but recently a clarity dawned to the extent that they have been led astray and deluded. For the words of esoteric truth are veiled to those in search of vanity, fame and power. They will grant the wishes of vanity, the search for fame, and the acquisition of power, but all at a cost. For the ignorant that read words of truth but seeking power, those words bless them with a curse that is in waiting, when they have reached their goals and high risings, it activates the hidden grooves of its mysterious surprisings.

You are raised to be torn down from the false throne of accomplishment. The blessings one chased after, become the foreshadowing of ones detriment. As one is prepared for the revelations of ones utter undoing, torn down to shreds to witness the truth brutally confront you with the same violence that you propagated for ages. As you now undergo the destruction of all that you gained in delicious terrifying stages

For those with eyes to see and ears to hear, look at the Royalty of this World, their nobility is given confirmation by religion and the outward uniform dressed in emerald, ruby, sapphire, powerful stones read about in many esoteric pages.

These Kings and Queens read the symbolic literature of the Truth veiled in cryptic messages that were meant to blind the fools purposely. In stead of recognising the truth of our inherent nobility, they merely understood the symbols as what one required to become such. So they emulated the cryptic rituals and ornaments of sacred texts and literature. Not realising that while they kept the books of their libraries secret, they were actually unveiling the secret teachings of all ages, by dressing up as the very esoteric teachings that they stole from the worlds many great sages.

So as the fools watched their fancy rituals and expensive attire, they believed as the Royal did , that all these strange and luxurious fabrications, surely must be the proof of their nobility and divine nature. Unaware that the Royal he was looking at was far from true nobility, literally the manifestation of the extreme cultivation of abject ignorance and debility.

See them as the fools that they are, read the secret message of the ornaments and rituals that they emulate, for they reveal in their depth a revelation that would rock your world, and very reality shake, with the dawning recollection, that they are reflections speaking to the royalty that is inherent to each and every living soul, that the messages if understood would make the emperor appear standing naked with no clothes.

They are wearing their downfall, by giving us the esoteric revelations of the teachings they knew not how to master, for they were corrupted beyond saving, delusion was the framework of their contemplation, the fruit of their harvest but perversions of corrupted manifestation.

Nobility is the birthright of each and every soul. You are King of Kings and Queen of Queens, each one whole.

The Ruby is a jewelled stone you carry in the body of your soul. It is the sacred gem of your Transcendent Root. The Rock of Blind Survival, transmuted into the jewel of fearless consciousness Immortal.

The Emerald is the sacred chalice of your Venusian bridal chamber. It is found by breaking open the Geode of your heart. The most precious emerald lies hid in its interior dark. It possesses the Ineffable power of Wisdom and Love.

The Crown of Jewels worn by Kings and Queens, is symbolic for the Solar radiance of your being adorned with the 7 planetary jewels, the omnipresent powers and archetypes of your ineffable solar being, microcosmic solar system that you are.

They have no validity the rulers of this world. They hide behind sacred symbology praying it will confirm the narrow, limited, identity, they have crafted with corruption. While being ignorantly blind that it is but merely serving the ultimate revelation that they are all wearing no clothes.

Nobility is lost today, for it has been buried alive they say.
Nobility has become "be polite to those higher in hierarchy while they treat me as subservient slave, as lowly depravity".
Nobility has become something needing confirmation. The Ruler depends on the belief of his people to maintain it. But once he falls his true Nobility will swiftly be revealed, whether he remains of noble character or becomes a needy, whining, defeated beggar. For a true noble will not loose his nobility in desolation but will ever live nobly no matter his external situation.

The True Noble grants all souls the recognition of their inherent nobility. The True Noble Invites out the noble hidden in the one who has forsaken it. The True King does not rule a People; The True King is the King of Kings and he rules the Kingdom of his inner Self. The world is full of false kings and false prophets. If they are decked with fame, or carry heavy pockets, only appearing for a show of their appearance to kindle the fires of their believers, then rarely there is any nobility to speak of.

Sacred Brotherhoods and Fraternities, the whorehouses of corrupt men playing with their vanities. Do not fear these children playing with the fire, the will fall by themselves into their own demise and funeral pyre.

Their secrets seem vast and mysterious to many, but they are merely playing for us the great lesson of being a reflection of what it means to have cultivated the psychotic and delusional, and how we have raised the sickest and most corrupted individuals to decide our lives for us.

Wake up dear Royalty, the truth is simple and universal to grasp, it is the true surrender to god, the divine that resides within each of us, each one of us a living secret name of that divinity. We are all children of the most high, ineffable transcendent nobility. Here to bring to the world the treasures of our True Royalty, to birth the riches of our inner Kingdom externally.

We have been convinced of our Inherent Poverty by seeking outward riches, in a world in which everything reflected that nothing else mattered. All done to keep you blind to the vast hoard of riches and treasures you came into this world to embody and hand out.

All Rulers, Kings and Queens, Politicians, Institutions, Religious Leaders, are null and void in their validity. They are but the copy-cat imitation of senility, that could not grasp the true gnosis of truth&divinity, that is the birthright of each and everyone since the dawn of time, not something to be had in personal exclusivity.

Shahanshah Artin, the Ravenking. Here to hand the crowns of Royalty to those willing to embrace it.

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