The Crowning Glory of the Plan-Demonic

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1 year ago

This Plandemonic has been remarkably filled with vast blessings in disguise. A clear wake up call, to let the old world pass away in utter irrelevancy.

As I have been observing the different stages of this planned crisis, along with it the clear move from our so called elite using this entire world wide situation to further their vain and destined to fail agenda. I have been realizing more and more, that the very thing giving them the power to continue, is merely my attention and energy that is flowing into observing the whole matter unfold.

I realized that if it were not for my own access to the news or the internet, no matter if it is mainstream or alternative media, non of this would be of any relevancy, and none of this could have played out the way it did, if it were not for our access to these medias that broadcast so called WORLD EVENTS to us.

This whole agenda could not have taken place in a world pre-internet. The only thing that has been able to dazzle the masses is the world wide reporting that is occuring, bringing all nations into our homes and showing us through a skewed lens how apparently the whole world is in the same boat, following the same agenda, following the same policies, following the same public statements.

In terms of the ruling class, politics, and corporate elites, we are witnessing how they are all part of 1 Big Club and the citizens of this Globe are not in it. Back in the 90's for example, you did not have politicians playing such a public prominent role in our lives. They were seen in the 15 minute daily news occasionally, one read about them in newspapers, but Politics did not dominate our daily lives to the extent that it does today.

The Internet and Modern Media Technologies have brought Politics to us through News and Media Agencies that have become nothing but a certified Hollywood studio, where the elite appear in their own written news scripts as bad actors pretending to be highly relevant, while cultivating the illusion of legitimacy in regards to their rule over us.

Seriously, as I watch the Governments and Corporate Elites deciding for us as if they were Demi-Gods with great wisdom while revealing their putrid perverted evil in blatantly obvious dishonest behaviors and statements. They appear as nothing but utter fools and clowns. Their megalomania has gotten the better of them, they are not even aware how transparent their disguises have become, taken over by a state of utter pyschopathy and psychosis.

This has led me to ask myself individually: "Do these People have any relevancy anymore? Do these People have any legitimacy anymore? Do I even need to pay attention to this old dying world and all of its institutions?"

My answer is, no, they have become utterly irrelevant. The whole world and its institutionalized monstrosities do not have any legitimacy anymore. My social security expired as Corona began, and I have dropped it entirely since then. No longer interested in being part of a medical system that has become a literal genocidal machine. No longer interested in adhering to the fake society that has replaced all natural human community. Not interested in being another cog in the great machine of gears that has become modern human civilization. I rather be the wrench that breaks the whole sophisticated gear-work that has become an artificial monster feeding on the very lifeblood of humanity.

The Devil is nothing but Distraction. And it is my Distraction that has birthed this Artificial Monstrosity we are living in today. For the Devil shouts his prophecies at us daily, he sends us the plans of our rulers through the news and media, he lays out his plans openly, so that we might act as the voices of prophecy, manifesting their intentions, through the polarization of our minds, the masses that cheer them on, too gullible to see clearly that when they promise a better life for us, they are promising more efficient slavery. But also polarizing those who are intelligent enough to see that they are hoping to increase our slavery and by deciding to fight them in their attempt to bring about their plans, we actually engage them with a belief that they actually had the legitimacy to decide over us in the first place. They want us to either chose their side or fight against them. What they don't want, is for us to completely ignore them and treat them as utterly irrelevant.

The Devil is a parasite that lives in each of us, as the voice that convinces us that there is an external authority that actually possesses power over us. He has 2 faces. The Righteous God that hijacks our Conscience, playing out righteousness from distorted beliefs of personal superiority. And then his obvious Face of Tempter, that tries to satiate our soul with external desires and pleasures that only serve to bring us into deeper and deeper dependency. The Devil sells you your Freedoms in exchange for a Jab. Janus, the 2 Faced God, God of the Elites. Lord and Prince of Darkness.

Truth is that this comedic theater of world events, has only served to clarify to me, that none of the institutions today have any legitimacy. It has made it clear to me, that none of them have any relevancy any more. They do not deserve my attention any more. I am King. I am Sovereign.

I am dreaming and living a new world into existence. I am clear in my own choices. The pandemic and its restrictions are of no relevance to me, they were actually tremendously valuable in showing me that I do not miss any of the world that I had so far grown up in and been convinced to take so seriously.

There is nothing serious about it, we have the most deprived scum of the world in ruling positions all over the globe. And all they need is for everyone to shut off their TV's and to no longer look at any article or news relating to any of these figures. Whether Pro or Contra, just let them taste what they fear most, namely becoming utterly irrelevant. So that as they walk about in public they go insane how nobody pays attention to them and their toys and titles.

Who are these ministers, kings, queens, politicians, corporate billionaires? They are just dressed up children, having convinced the world, that their weird ceremonies, their wealth, their attire, their titles had any relevancy.
But honestly they just appear to be playing a theater, and people are stupid enough to take them seriously. They are nothing but hot-air, irrelevant celebrities that have gotten a little too High on their fame.

Time to Boycott the World Elite and Governments. Just withdraw your attention, if you can stop accepting any of their stupid safeties and securities, which all come at the price of your liberty. Just disengage. Just withdraw your attention. Focus on your Family, Focus on creating a Life worth living, not one in which you are living as a gear to feed a beast that is actually feeding on your very life-force in exchange for a few pennies.

The True God of Humanity is External to Noone and Nothing.
He is the almighty ineffable principle that is the very internal foundation of each soul and being. The True God is that Sovereign Spark of Life, waiting merely for you to acknowledge it and recognize it. It bestows upon you sovereignty and liberty that can not be transgressed by anyone in Life. It is the very immortal seed, that is waiting for you to drop your mortal denial towards it.

Truly the Devil has planted a lot of Distractions in this World. He has built an artificial world system on top of the real world and within the inner structures of your mind. The distractions of His-Story, convincing you of your mortal limitations, convincing you that you are born of primitive ancestors, convincing you that you are but only a mere human-monkey. Making sure you forget what you brought with you into this life. Making sure you fall asleep in the dream of Life, so that you never wake up as immortal transmuting the very restrictions that seem to limit your human vehicle.

You are infinite, you are consciousness, you are source, you are indestructible, you are invincible. You are the Sons and Daughters of the One True God who has no name, source of all creation. Ye be Kings and Queens. It is time for the true Sovereigns to wake up.

You are a being containing the most advanced technologies that surpass your wildest imaginations. You have been sold external imitations that have made you lazy and dependent, as long as we remain transfixed by them, then our inner technologies will never activate.

You are the Voice of God. Each Word and Thought plays a role in this vast Creation. Our attention is filled with the life-force of the universe, so pay attention what you give your attention to. Are you picking sides and dissipating your holy power? Or are you dropping all teams and sides, to be there where there is no side, but the full recognition of your own sovereignty and that of each and every soul?

Responsible for your own Life, Creations & what you Choose to give attention to.

May the Revolution of Sovereigns begin,
The Old World will drown itself in irrelevancy.
Forgive the Oppressors, for they are the most severely oppressed. They are slaves to their own perversions. They will harvest only pain, suffering and mortality from their own behavior.

Just let them go, they are but dissipating shadows that are shrinking at breakneck speed as the light of a new era begins to dawn in the hearts of humanity.

There is a transformation happening that is not broadcasted on any of the news, neither mainstream or alternative. Namely the birth of Humanity into its True Godlike State.
In my opinion that is the only reason they are desperate in testing as many people as possible, really wanting access to that DNA of ours, for they are scared shitless that so many of us are transmuting into immortal beings and they can do nothing about it, once you have been transformed.

Ye are all Gods, Kings and Queens of this New World, Rise!

King of Kings, Shahanshah Artin, Sham-Shiir'e Khoda

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1 year ago


I read: Count with the fact from now on we will always live in a crisis.

I checked a part of history. Interesting is we only had a crisis since at least before the first world war (likely ever since that big only one club been busy since 1700 to depopulate and rule).

Each crisis is good for war, reset, new values, system.

I agree on the internet, access to "news" didn't make people smarter which is astonishing. Everything a 6-year old knows most adults today forgot or never knew. It's fascinating how easy it is to manipulate the modern human being. No caveman would fall for it.

Before the internet, we had pandemics too. Read the Bible, medieval times, second World War we had plagues, fear spread, the worst side effects of vaccinations and since 1918 it never stopped. Internet, papers, radio, travelling storyteller, church leaders and holy books are all meant to control the mass by dividing and dominating.

With you, I agree we don't need them but many do and love to live in a society where everything is arranged by one club what to learn, eat, where to work and when to die included. Nature would have never allowed this kind of species to survive but humanity goes for stupid slaves and that's why there's only one elite getting away with whatever they decide.

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1 year ago

Thanks a lot for taking the time to respond to my text, I agree with your statements regarding that this is not the first plague, but certainly the first one that had transpired in recorded history across the entire Globe where every nation responded the same. That would never have happened in the past, the world reacting in one equal reaction.

And yes many people never will wake up, but awakening is individual there should be no comparison to others, those unawakened are going to choose their own Doom, while those taking back their individual sovereignty are going to see a miraculous time unfold in the midst of all the Chaos yet to come.

Mother Nature is birthing a new species of organic natural superhuman. The Inorganics one are in for a ride. Soon they will be utterly meaningless.

Let us celebrate what is unfolding with joy, no matter how Dark it looks. We are here to transmute all of it and not many of us are needed.

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1 year ago