Lapis Philosophorum - Emanations from the Red Stone , Sanguinis Christi

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My own Symbolic Interpretation reflecting my understanding of the process and the stone. The Breaking Open of Venus and allowing the Sun to be seated in its Throne

A collection of distillations that have been emerging in the form of small texts and little verses. For those with eyes to see and hears to hear. Catalysts of the Unknowable. Codes pointing to the Source of Uncertainty that is our essence. An Uncertainty of divine mystery, vast as infinite space, concentrating itself into the intensity of manifestation with unshakeable confidence grounded in the self-evident certainty of its unknowable, ineffable existence.

Here are those reflections, contemplations and recognitions:

God is the sacred light tower of the incomprehensible ocean of life guiding the ships of soul ever diligently with safe passage through the hidden rocks on their endless journey to ever new shores of safe haven.

Forget yourself so that you may forget the self that you merely remember through thought, so that you may remember the Self that is beyond remembrance and forgetting. Ever-present/Changeless.

I am Individuality,
An Indivisible Duality.
A Mysterious Universality.

If God had a God, it would be Life.
Since God is devoted to “Life”.

And since religion is defined by what you are devoted to,
I chose to devote myself to God’s devotion, instead of devoting myself to God.

I thought that surely if he was praying, he would be praying that we join him in his prayers.

So I chose to convert to his religion and
joined the most high in his prayers.
And as I did, I no longer saw “Life” but began seeing only “God”.
Revelation after Revelation.

Can you see that you can’t get it, that truth can’t be got?.

It is the realisation that it is absolute uncertainty, it is the deepest question mark that you are, a vibrating intensity, a question of god, whose life is the revelation of its unique secrets, the unfolding of mystery in an encounter with mystery.

The deepest level of expression beings attain, is when god is speaking to god about god. But god is archaic and a word full of seeming certainties. Rather let it be known that it is truly.

mystery is speaking to mystery about mystery

God is the mystery of which every soul is a unique secret, a totality of mystery unto itself.

Truth is never grasped, it is understood as the thing that shifts your sight and vision from being grounded in certainty and pride, into uncertainty and humility & awe.

In our uncertainty we are revealed the truth , we see realities whose meanings are many, filled with insignificant certainties but backed up by the essence of uncertainty.

How do you know that you know? By knowing that you don’t, yet the knowing is nonetheless apparent and there.

You “know” when “not knowing”, becomes your propulsion to bask in the endless secrets that reveal themselves therein. Secrets that are graspable in that they expand your very soul, but ungraspable in that they can never be spoken or seen as certainties whole. The revelations of a poetry that serves only to deepen the mystery, not to reveal it naked simple and bare.

It is truth that must be made naked from the constrictions of certainties. Revealing it standing in the divine attire of resplendent beautiful mystery, holding an infinity of living secrets, unfolding to deepen the mystery of all.

Some people hear a truth and then they claim to see it; but what they are seeing is the uncovering of a lie due to it, and by claiming that that unraveling was the understanding of the truth, they have missed the fact, that the truth was uncertainty and applied to a certain aspect of themselves, they saw the lie clearly, and claimed it as having seen the truth, but it was just the unravelling of one lie. Getting the truth is capturing the subtlety that if they dared to live in absolute uncertainty, every certainty that would come up before them would be burned for the limitation that it is and one will be able to behold the secret hiding behind it. Ever deepening the scope of mystery/uncertainty, the essence of divinity, the lifeblood of infinity, the purpose of all creation; to birth a landscape of ever growing secrets, blossoming in ever deepening flowers of mysterious revelations.

My I stands for “Intensity” not “Identity”

I am the eternal changeless flame emanating the endless lightless light of changes.

I am the changeless manifesting changes.
Not a thing undergoing changes.
No longer chasing changes to escape the changeless.
Witnessing my expanding Intensity, while I am Changelessly transmuted through all my changes.

I am the Phoenix burning to ashes.
I am the Ashes rising as Phoenix.
I am the changeless, initiating all changes.
I am the faceless, hidden behind all faces.
I am the placeless, backdrop of all places.
I am the spaceless, vessel of all spaces.
I am the traceless, teasing with flickering traces.
I am the absolute ,walking through my own reflection.
I am the destination, arriving ever-present my only chosen direction.

Shahanshah Artin, the Ravenking
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