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Assalam o alaikum, hola, hello, good evening. How are you doing all? Are you ok? Feeling well? Ya, i hope you will be happy and satisfied to your life. As for me, I'm feeling sick since yesterday, actually i did hardwork and planted new trees and sowed grass for winter season. My body is in pain, but i forced myself to write article. Yes, i forced myself for writing.

I am starting to share historical facts from my first article, i will share one article regularly ( which will have information about) what in history today? And will share as much historical facts as i could. Let us start.


1. SUN ECLIPSE OF (October 18) 320 BC

This was the day October 18, when a Greek Philosopher named as Pappus of Alexandria. He observed an Eclipse of the sun and he wrote a commentary on the great astronomer (almagest). The sun Eclipse was partial but heart Eclipse was mentioned as a full Eclipse. He was a great mathematician of the helenistic age. He marked his name as a great mathematician in the History.



Second fact of the topic "today in History" is of great importance. Because today (October 18) 1016 was the day when the battle of Assandun was fought between two great nations English armies and the Danish armies.

Danish Vs English

Some important points of this battle (the battle of Assandun are as follows.

  • This battle was fought in date of (October 18, 1016).

  • The location of this War is not fixed, it was fought in several various locations, but most of its part was at the place of Essex.

  • This fight or war resulted in the victory of Danish army.

  • Belligerents of this fight was two kingdoms, one of them was kingdom of England and other one was the kingdom of Denmark.

  • Commander of the English army was Edmund Ironside. And commander of Danish army was Canute the great.

3. Dyrrharchium War (October 18, 1081)

You guys may be thinking that why i am Sharing all the information just about the wars, why not about other historical events? Yeah i have answer to your question, the reason is, I'm interested in reading history, and more interested in reading history of wars, and wars mark the day in history that could never be forget.

If you want to know more about wars or about other historical facts except wars, you can tell me in comment section, i will prioritize your opinion.

On October 18, 1081 a war get started famous as battle of Dyrrharchium. This battle was fought between Normans and Byzantine Empire. In this war Normans Defeated Byzantine Empire.

Stats of this war of Dyrrharchium

If we look up at statistics of this battle, we come to know that.

  • The war (battle) was fought in October 18, 1081.

  • Location is same as the name of this battle, yeah it is fought at the place of Dyrrharchium.

  • This battle of Dyrrharchium resulted in the victory of The Normans.

  • Belligerents of this battle were (one: byzantine empire) and (second is : duchy of Apulia and Calabria).

  • If we look at the commanders and the leaders of the both sides, we can categorize Alexios I Komnenos and George palaiologos as commanders of byzantine empire. And Robert Guiscard, Bohemond of toranto sichalgaita of salerno as the leaders and commanders of Normans.

  • 20,000 to 25000 strength of soldiers took part in battle from byzantine empire's side. Almost 15000 soldiers of Normans took part in the battle. (what, their soldiers are less than the byzantine empire, then how they won?, tell me in comment section please)

4. Basel Earthquake (October 18, 1356)

Earthquake is a kind of thing that could not be guessed and forecasted in the past, that's why it was a cause of huge destruction in the past, even now, in developing countries, people who are facing earthquakes, their lives, their luggage and properties get destroyed, but because of modern technology, the losses are less than, if we compare it to the losses in the past we faced. My country pakistan has also faced a big, strong earthquake in 2005, which engulfed a huge number of human lives. Well we aren't here to discuss about pakistan, but Basel (Switzerland)

It's the 4th historical fact in our today's topic. This tragic even is marked as most important historical seismologcal event of the North of the Alps destroyed the part of Basel (Switzerland). Although other nearby countries(Italy, Luxembourg, Germany, France and Austria) were also get effected by this earthquake quack.

  • Magnitude of Basel earthquake was 6.0 yo 7.1 (woah, dangerous).

  • Happened in 1356, and October 18.

  • Local time of this earthquake in Basel was 22:00.

  • And casualties of this earth of Basel were 1000.

About me

I am an old user of this platform, i am here since months, i was posting my original articles and blogs here regularly, but since almost before 4 month when i left posting new stuff, i was busy in my life chores including studies and other necessary things. But when i again reopened my old account, i commented on my friend's articles and interacted with them thorough comment section for a week. And then restarted my writing up, i posted 3 to four articles but algorithm didn't detected me, and then i asked my friends tha what should i do in this kind of situation? They gave me a suggestion to open a new account. And start writing from the start.

So i get registered again and i am hoping that rusty will come here and will make me glad. I hope all of my friends will never forget me and will cooperate if i am doing everything according to the rules that already are made by the owners of this platform.

Thanks for reading.

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