Bank Robbery story

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News started to spread around 4.30 pm. The beginning is a lot like nuclear fusion. At first, a guard woke up, cleared his head, and soon realized what had happened. Along with him, a few others are scattered here and there unconscious. Nagen Chand has a good reputation or notoriety for digesting various intoxicants. No one can stand on the night of Kali Puja by eating more than that. The unknown effect that his bodyguards have left him unconscious could not hold him back for long. However, the head of the moon is completely spinning.

Incredible event, bank robbery! His duty was in the vault of the corporate building of Jessore Sonali Bank. Extra money from all the banks in this district town is deposited in this vault at the end of the day. Today was the end of the year, over five hundred crore rupees was in the vault today. All the branches of all the banks have collected money from their party to show the closing deposit more. Today the vault was filled to the brim. This amount of money is not supposed to stay here, it will go to Bangladesh Bank in a day or two. But half of that vault is empty! The gang of bank robbers looted the nets in the high tide.

Nageen Chanda took out his mobile phone with trembling hands and called the police station, now duty officer OC Jabbar Gazi. Very notorious as grumpy, holding the phone after ringing several times,

- Sir, I'm not. Guys from Sonali Bank! Bank robbery, sir! Defeated here, sir, you all come quickly!

Jabbar OC says in an angry voice,

- Are you talking nonsense, have you eaten anything? I do not like these in duty!

Towards the end it can be said that Jabbar OC rose with a shout.

Jabbar OC fell asleep after feeling the sincere panic in the voice of Nageen Chand from the side, defeat! Bank robbery! Think! Within half an hour, the police and members of the special security forces were scurrying around the bank compound. Senior bank officials on the way. Starting from DC, SP, all the heads of the police administration and security forces at the district level have been awakened, everyone has gone to wipe their eyes. At the same time, it is not clear exactly how much money was looted, but barricades have been set up on all the highways leading out of the district. There is no way to withdraw so much money in Bangladesh even if you can withdraw money from the vault. It will be morning after a while. Ordinary people will be scattered in the fields on the way. It is not possible for anyone to digest this money without their eyes. After a while, the bank was informed that the amount of money looted is one hundred crores! All the money was sealed in the trunk. About fifty trunks were taken, the whole operation took less than an hour. A total of 15 policemen were on guard at the vault. Everyone except Nagen Chand was found unconscious. The initial idea is that everyone has been stunned using a gas. The bandits had sophisticated weapons, such as cutting down the walls of the vault. And all in all, it is one of the biggest bank robberies in history.

The perfect plan, every minute was calculated, was looted very efficiently. Professional work of international standard, no weakness is found anywhere. The bank's circle GM Kalim Ali and all the homeless people are sitting. Except for the full AC, but no one seems to be feeling the cold air. Kalim Ali is sweating profusely, sometimes it seems like a nightmare! When you wake up, you will see him lying on the bed of his house. DC Fazlul Haque is constantly talking on the phone. His G-Sir, G-Sir, is understood to be speaking from the upper floor. The gate opened with incense, the local MP entered first. Five minutes later, NSI director Hafiz Dhali entered. As soon as he saw Hafiz Dhali, Colonel Hamid got up and gave a salute. There is no one in the world of military and civilian intelligence in Bangladesh who does not know or respect Hafiz Dhali. Although no one among the common people knows him. The fact that no one knows him, this is also an achievement of his, when he becomes famous, the red light of the business of detectives burns fast! Hafiz Dhali could not be found within an hour of the incident tonight. He arrived at one of the district's newly recruited trainers, scheduled to leave for Dhaka on a morning flight. He got the news of the bank robbery and left. Hafiz Dhali quickly took a briefing on the situation. After hearing all, the MP, DC and GM of the bank said

- Sir, you have to be in your office. We are professionals in catching all these thieves and robbers, those who committed robberies are also professionals. You don't have to stay here just to suffer. If you need any help, we will ask for it. Even if others understand, the face of the Hon'ble MP became ha. He tried to explode in anger. - Sir, you are not being ignored, we want to handle the job professionally. If you need any help we will ask. And we are sending you updates in the morning!

As soon as he got a phone, he saw the number and grabbed it. As soon as he got the phone, he moved to one side. He hung up the phone and said,

- My PM's office phone. Madame has become very restless, saying that she is ready to help me personally.

The Hon'ble MP was not late for another moment, there was not the slightest hint of anger on his face. He went out with two Sang and Pang quickly. Before leaving, he took Hafiz's hand and said,

- Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys ..... I will be around you! And please tell Madame that I am with you!

- Of course, of course, I'll tell Madame about you!

Iqbal, the young intelligence officer who came with Hafeez, had tears in his eyes.

- Sir, did the Prime Minister call you?

Hafiz widened his eyes and whispered,

- Hey donkey, why would the Prime Minister call me? Your fianc called! Madam, all the parties are unconscious!

Iqbal often hears donkey address from his sir. Of course, he has no regrets about it now. In just a moment he took control of the situation.

Control of the operation is in the hands of Hafiz. He started the briefing,

- I did a brief search before entering this room. A wonderful job! The work has been done very efficiently. He took it out of his pocket like a small grenade. See I got it, no doubt a few more can be found by searching. Everyone has been stunned by this gas bomb.

The amount of money that has been looted is very difficult to digest in one sense. Surely the barricades have fallen on all the roads so far?

The police superintendent said,

- The news has gone to all the nearby police stations. It has been instructed that no vehicle can come out with anything without checking. The problem is that a lot of trucks carrying vegetables and fish go to Dhaka from here. Leave it all at night. Now it takes a lot of time and force to check all the trucks.

- From now on, if you take two hours, the looted money is within 100 km circle. Let us draw a circle of this radius.

It was understood that it was a map to match the paper rolled round from inside the armpit. In the next few days, he planned a combing operation on all the surrounding roads, possible transit routes, with the police superintendent and the RAB chief. He walked towards the vault with instructions. A team of DB police is conducting a search there. Searching for any possible source. The report found there was a thick steel door in the vault melted with a flame of oxy acetylene. A team of ten to fifteen trained men is thus needed to cut the steel and loot the trunk money.

From there, Hafiz took Iqbal to the police station. Iqbal usually drives the car. But if there is any operation, Hafiz drives the car himself. One thing Iqbal was quite surprised to notice. How serious and bad-tempered Hafiz is usually in a peaceful time. But when something happens, he looks very cheerful and sometimes jokes a lot. But today Hafiz is looking quite serious. He said to himself

- I'm worried about some things. If there is any other robbery, the police and the people are enough for him. It is difficult to digest such a big event here as it is a benefit of some of the evils of our overpopulated population. Did you notice the grenade? But there is no name of the manufacturing country. It seems to me that it is made in the country. Do you understand that? Who is making in our country? Why make? They reached the police station by that time. OC Jabbar Ghazi was fully aware then. Ematha Omatha is walking in excitement. Hafiz went and sat with Jabbar OC. There are as many informants and lizards in the city to take everyone to the field. They will spread all over the city. There must be some local communication in such a big operation. There is no one above these informants to find it. Hafiz came out of the police station and said,

- Come on, let's meet an MP. Someone made such a big splash in his area, some news is supposed to be stuck in his network.

When I went out to meet the MP, the light of dawn started shining. Few people are seen on the streets. As the days go by, how mysteriously holy every morning is! Suddenly Iqbal said,

- Sir, stop the car!

Hafeez braked. Iqbal rushed down the gate. Hafeez peeked and saw that Iqbal had stopped a young man wearing trousers. The young man was just running across the street. As he got out of the car, he saw Iqbal jumping on the young man's chest! Hafiz was disappointed to see the incident. If Iqbal had aimed his revolver at the young man after getting a clue, there would have been some hope!

Thirty-two and sixty-four teeth came out towards him, Iqbal introduced him,

- Sir, my university life friend Rashed. We were in the same room. From that gunroom to the last master of the struggling life! The one who is called Pran's friend. Then in a hurry where that madness disappeared, then see this again. He was a very brilliant boy, with a keen interest in espionage. From Sherlock Holmes to Felu Mitti, he has met many local and foreign detectives. In fact, he should be a detective, in the middle I passed the test and became a detective!

Hafiz asked,

- What do you do now?

- I'm a detective, but not an official detective who passed the test!

- Did you say Rashed, you really became a detective in life!

Hafiz asked,

- What kind of detective are you? Story movie private detective?

- I'm a truth seeker, I uncover the truth!

- Wow, wow, well said, do you write?

- Nah, I have a small lab. You know Iqbal is a chemistry student, I was with him. Do you agree that Newton was also a very large detective?

Hafiz laughed ha ha ha.

- Let's go around the bank.

Rashed heard all the incidents from Iqbal in the car. Hearing that Rashed is very restless with excitement, a real case! Rashed whispers to Iqbal,

- Dude, I can't keep up with your investigation? See the real search!

- Sir, I thought I liked you. Stay with me Let's see what happens. But no matter how big the incident, you can't escape with so much money. Should be caught.

Arriving at the bank, it was seen that the work of the investigation team is almost over! Close circuit cameras that were all very carefully destroyed. No footage was found.

Hafiz walked towards the control room. The robbery lasted for about six hours, with no significant progress yet.

Rashed and Iqbal went to inspect the vault room. After going there, Rashed started observing the trunk of money, its size, weight, etc., including the gate, which was cut very carefully for the next one hour. Iqbal has the training to thoroughly search the crime scene, but Rashed began to scrutinize and take notes with such innate skill that Iqbal rolled up his hands and watched Rasheed's work. Although he went out in the morning walk, Rashed had a huge mobile phone with him, he asked someone to bring it out. Iqbal asks interestedly,

- Who did you bring?

Rashed smiled and replied,

- I can really see. His name is Rocky. My assistant. I have a detective-pack. Back pack and what not. He has everything from cameras to handprints.

- What do you say? You are absolutely serious! In the spying, you have tied up eight ghats? For so long I've been watching freelance detectives like Sherlock Holmes, Feluda, Byomkesh only in story movies, you're going to be our real Felu Mitti, Ray, an adult teenager.

- Are you talking about those three detectives? Teenager, Musa, Robin, Gina sometimes!

- Hey hey, did you fall in love with Jinnah at school?

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Very good story.

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It is too long but nice post

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Very long story.but nice.keep it up bro

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News started to spread around 4.30 pm. The beginning is a lot like nuclear fusion. At first, a guard woke up, cleared his head, and soon realized what had happened. Along with him, a few others are

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I can really see. His name is Rocky. My assistant. I have a detective-pack. Back pack and what not. He has everything from cameras to handprints.

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Nice post

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