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6 months ago

07.12 5:04 PM

As you can see on my title, it looks like that this article is a fictional story, but it wasn't. This article is all about my friend bird who died yesterday.

I am a person who really loves animal, I want them because they can help me to relieve my stress in time of exhaustion. I really love seeing them swim on their tank, and flying around their cages. You can read more about how animals or pets can relieve my stress by reading it on Pets: Stress Reliever

Let the story begin, I have a pet bird in our home, this bird is a cockatiel bird, let's assume that he was a male cockatiel bird. I named him Proton, sounds good? I named him Proton because when I call his name, it was like calling positive energy and positive vibes. Because we know that the proton is a subatomic particle, and it has a positive electric charge. I really love Proton, I am raising him, he was a handfeed cockatiel. I downloaded the chart that shows the right amount of his food and right time for feeding according to his age.

  • Age of chicks: One to Four Days

  • Feeding Times: Every Two Hours

  • Feeding Amount: One to Two cc's

  • Age of chicks: Five to Seven Days

  • Feeding Times: Every Three Hours

  • Feeding Amount: Two to Three cc's

  • Age of chicks: Eight To Fourteen Days

  • Feeding Times: Seven at the morning, eleven at the moring, three at the afternoon, Seven at night and eleven at night.

  • Feeding Amount: Four to Six cc's

  • Age of chicks: Fifteen to Twenty Four Days

  • Feeding Times: Seven at the morning, Twelve noon, Five at the afternoon and eleven at night.

  • Feeding Amount: Seven to Ten cc's

  • Age of chicks: Twenty Five to Thirty Four Days

  • Feeding Times: Seven at the morning, Five at the afternoon and Eleven at night

  • Feeding Amount: Eleven to Fifteen cc's

  • Age of chicks: Thirty Five to Forty Four Days

  • Feeding Times: Seven at the Morning and Seven at Night

  • Feeding Amount: Eleven to Fifteen cc's

  • Age of chicks: Forty Five Days

  • Feeding Times: Seven at Night

  • Feeding Amount: Eleven to Fifteen cc's

You can check the table here.

Handfeeding bird isn't easy as what you think, it needs patience and hard work. It needs much time and attention. We need to maintain the healthiness of the bird. We should always observe their behaviors, we should observe them when they are growing, to make sure that they were healthy. We should also follow the chart that shows feeding times and feeding amount of our birds according to their age. Following that chart will make our pet more healthy. I trained proton to come back with me when I started to whistle and call his name, I am practicing how to recall him. I want him to be prepared in free flight. It is an outdoor activities for birds, we are allowing them to fly free outside to experience the happiness while they are flying, we are giving them opportunity to spread their wings and fly outside freely, and when we call their names and whistle they will come back to us to prevent them from getting lost. But there was an unforeseen circumstances, when my brother bought water, he put it near above the box where I put Proton to rest. But maybe the container not placed properly and it and then, it fell. When I hear the loud sound, I didn't go immediately, but when I realized that Proton are there I run immediately, I saw him dying, I tried everything to survive him but it won't work. I cried because I have many plans for us, but he left me. I am very sad for that.

Closing Thoughts

Yes, I love my pets, proton is my 2nd cockatiel and both of them are dead. Maybe this is not the right time for free flying cockactiel, so I need to wait that time to see my own raised cockatiel flying outside with freedom.

Link of table:

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Written by   8
6 months ago
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