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Zamzam Well

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Zamzam well

Zamzam well water is coming from paradise! 24 divers went to the bottom of the well and brought unknown information !!

Scientists are surprised to see the miracle of God! During the reign of King Khaled, in the sixties, modern equipment was used to clean the well. The cleaning work was overseen by engineer "Yahya Koshk".

From his description, it is known that water is flowing at high speed from the bottom of some large rocks. The word "Bismillah" is inscribed in clear Arabic letters on the largest stone.

The depth of the well was only 14 feet at the time of Rasulullah's grandfather Abdul Muttalib. This Jam Jam well was re-excavated during the reign of Caliph Mamunur Rashid.

At this time the discharge of water was very high. Even the water outside the well began to overflow. Centuries later, the Saudi government re-excavated the well with the help of modern machinery.

24 divers went to the bottom of the well to test it. The divers see that the colorless soil layer is frozen there and is constantly purifying the emitted water. They were amazed at the might of God.

At present the depth of Jam Jam well is 51 feet.

At a glance Jam Jam Koop:

It was created 4,000 years ago by the infinite might of Allah.

পানিWheat is created even after lifting 6000 liters of water per second with the help of heavy water lifting motor.

Like the beginning.

ানিরThe taste of water has not changed, no fungus has grown

Or algae.

শেষেAfter pumping water all day, in just 11 minutes

The well is full again.

পানিThe water of this well has never dried up, its water flow has remained the same since its creation, even though the water use has increased several times during the Hajj season, the water level never goes down.

পর Since its creation, its quality, taste and various ingredients in it have the same amount.

পানThe amount of calcium and magnesium salts in the water of this well is more than other water, so this water not only quenches thirst, this water also quenches hunger.

কারণে Due to the high amount of fluoride in this water

It does not grow any germs.

করলেDrinking this water removes all fatigue.



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Written by   37
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