Thirty lasting ways to lose weight

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3 years ago

1, do thirty minutes of exercise every day.

2, eat little by little 5 times a day.

3, fruits and vegetables must be included in the daily diet.

4, can measure weight every day.

5, can keep a food magazine.

6, Eliminate all unhealthy snacks at home.

7, Submit only healthy and nutritious food.

8, form a bodybuilding group with friends.

9, try to eat at home.

10, remove the food supply system in the tub.

11, do your daily work properly.

12, refrain from eating while watching TV.

13, be engrossed in various activities.

14, do not eat prepared food.

15, be worry free and relax before eating.

16, have a high-fiber breakfast in the morning.

17, buy and use pedo meters.

Walk 18, 30 minutes every day

19, Have a Craving Plan.

20, always keep yourself away from inedible and stale rotten food.

21, make friends with online weight groups.

22, read blue clothes, blue reduces hunger.

23, Avoid food at borough plates.

24, keep the mirror for success observation.

25, Learn about your blood cholesterol or fat.

26, do not eat butter oil and ghee.

27, Eat plenty of calcium, it helps reduce caries.

28, do at least 20 minutes of health care every day.

29, can cycling it is much better.

30, Avoid smoking.

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This article is not for me as I'm a skinny boy.. You have to post for skinny boys how can we gain weight 😁😂. Just kidding. A very good advice to lose weight in simple way.

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3 years ago
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3 years ago

This article is very helpful for everyone who want to less her weight. If you want to less your weight then follow this rules and must be exercise. The morning exercise is the big benefit for less your weight and fit your body or macule.

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3 years ago
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3 years ago

Nice writing your article very helpful. I like it

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