Good gift wonderful creation of the world

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2 years ago

What a wonderful creation of the world, the creation of human beings, some natural and some necessities, this world is full of elements, God seems to have given everything to Himself, aha, what a great pleasure, but I will say such a thing, I hope you know that we Bangladeshis have been the head of agriculture for a long time. , Our reputation is cows in the barn and paddy in the field, yes we Bengalis are the main agricultural nation and I and a farmer, we are born in the natural law of paddy, we give fertilizer with our own hands and at one time we find the smile of Krishna in the field of simple paddy, do you know how many cows Not only is it an excellent animal, it is not just for milk, it does not throw anything away, it is made of milk, it is also excellent water, it is also a variety of delicious food, it is excellent for making leather shoes, you know how much feces it has, how much natural fertilizer it has We get very good yields when applied, we can use as a fuel made from its feces or dung which is Bangladesh India Pakistan, and it is the fuel of improved mind.

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