USB killerđźš«

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Let's talk today about USB killer ...

USB killerđźš«

A USB killer is a device that looks like a pen drive or card reader. When it connects to a device, it sends high-voltage power to that device, which can destroy hardware in seconds.

- How it works

The device has multiple capacitors that are connected to the computer or phone, then these capacitors charge themselves, convert themselves from 5 volts dc current to 220 dc current (which acts like a voltage booster) and propagate to that computer, and at the same time destroy the computer motherboard. .

And those devices that can't be damaged, their usb port is damaged. Be it phone or computer.

They use fuses in today's advanced devices like MacBook, iPhone, Samsung, One Plus or Tesla cars but still the USB port is damaged.

It takes a maximum of 2-3 seconds to destroy a smart TV, car computer system, Xbox, Play Station, computer that has a USB port. And once the device is not damaged, it continues to give this 220v until the motherboard is damaged and the motherboard does not stop giving power to the USB port.

People in Bangladesh go to check the pen-drive as soon as they find it on the road. Because the circuit of usb killer is so small that it can fit in the place of any pen drive or card reader.

👉Socially how terrible it is

In April 2019, Bishwanath Akutota, a 26-year-old alumnus of St. Rose's College, India, destroyed 59 of his college computers using his USB killer. , Which cost more than 50,000 50,000. He also destroyed seven computer monitors. He was sentenced in August 2019 to 12 years in prison, although he was released after paying 58,471 in damages.

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