Some unknown science

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Today i will discuss about some unknown scienc. Hope you all like it.

1.Mosquito repellent tree


One strange tree is called Citronella (Pelargonium graveolens Citrosa). U.S. scientists have researched and originated it.

You can easily plant the tree on your balcony balcony. You don't need too much water or fertilizer. And survives for many years.

This tree gives off a kind of perfume that mosquitoes dislike. And when you get this smell, you don't want to touch the mosquito's trinity. The tree is also drought resistant.

Only 6-7 such trees can keep one acre of land mosquito free. So those who are bothered by mosquito bites will benefit by planting two or three citronella trees around the house or on the balcony of the flat.

And their flowers are also very beautiful, so if this tree is planted around the house or flat as a beautiful flower tree, it will also play a significant role as a home decorator.

However, commercial introduction of this tree has not started in our country yet.

2.The reason for the lizard's jumping after the tail fell

He went to catch a lizard and saw that the lizard had run away with the tail in its hand and the tail was jumping like a living creature.

Ud Caudal autotomy is a technique used to escape the enemy by keeping the tail.

The reason for such movement of the tail is due to some nerve impulses caused by the tail which signals the movement of the tail muscles. The detached tail begins to move erratically and the hunter becomes obsessed with it, at which point he escapes.

3.The most expensive dog in the world

The blood of a lion is flowing in the arteries of this dog

The most expensive puppy in the world was sold for about 2 million dollars, or about 150 million rupees. A puppy of the # Tibetan_Mastif breed is sold in China. Its value in Chinese currency is 12 million yuan. It is priced at 1.94 million in dollars. On March 16, a pair of Tibetan Mastiffs were sold at a pet fair in China's Jiangxi Province. In 2011, a Tibetan dog named Big Splash was bought by a coal trader for 10 million yuan (ΰ§­ 960,000). So far, it has been named the most expensive pet in the world. Possessing golden hair, this Tibetan dog is 80 cm long and weighs a lot. It weighs 90 kg. The dog's shepherd claimed that the dog's blood was flowing in the arteries of the dog. For wealthy dog ​​lovers, the Mastiff breed is a symbol of good fortune and wealth, resembling a lion, which is of special importance to the owner.

4.Saguaro Cactus

The tallest of the cactus plants is the saguaro cactus. It also sometimes looks like a tree. Often no branches are formed from the original body part. As a result, it looks like a big pole. On the other hand, those on which branches grow, also take 60-100 years to grow. These plants can grow up to 20 meters in height. It grows naturally in the US state of Arizona.

Its thick, thick stems absorb large amounts of water whenever it rains. The longer each cactus grows, the deeper it penetrates the soil. Saguaro is an angiosperm plant. It blooms in May-June. Saguaro flower is the state flower of the state of Arizona. These plants can live for about 200 years without being attacked by wild animals or dried up due to lack of water.


Can absorb 2 to 15 ml of blood. With that a kind of saliva from the mouth mixes with the blood. So that there are some enzymes like heroin, calcrine, calin. Which helps to eliminate blood clots.


Leeches quickly absorb contaminated blood from the digestive tract and help circulate new blood. It even controls blood sugar levels. A type of protein called destabilizer enters the human body from the body of the leech. Which kills many stubborn germs.


Leech therapy also works well for joint pain. If you put a leech in the place of pain for a while, the blood supply improves!

Butterflies rely on liquid food!

Butterflies have no part in the mouth, according to Chibana,

So they can't eat solid food at all.

In their mouths, according to the tube, there is a prosthesis

There are, with which they can only take liquid food

Of course, their main food is liquid food

Flower honey, but also food from soft fruits or trees.


Interestingly, butterfly larvae or

Chibana called mandibles in the mouth of caterpillars

There are parts, through which the larvae feed hard

Able to eat. Since they are farther away according to the butterfly

Can't go and grow wherever he is born

One has to spend time, therefore, they are the birthplace

The primary way of life is to eat the leaves of the tree

In condition.

6.Glass frog

In the skin of this species of frog called "glass frog"

Their skin is very low in pigment

Are usually transparent.

The upper part of the body of the glass frog is bright green,

However, their abdomen is transparent. As a result of them

The heart can be seen from the outside. This

As the body of the bangula is green, they are green in the forest

Can be mixed with plants, separately

They do not catch the eye. But for exactly what reason

The lower part of their body is transparent, the researchers said

Still unknown to.

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I was shocked about the price of the dog AHHAHA

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