Nano Technology

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Nano Technology

Nano is a unit of measurement. Matric Single......

It started in 1890 in France.

National Assembly of France

To generalize the units

The committee is formed and they are the first

Matric of decimal or ten units

Suggested the method. And length


Introduced one meter. They

Of the earth

One of the 40,000,000th part of the circumference

Share one

The meter said. The word meter is a Greek word

comes from metron which means,

Measurements. Also 100 percent of the meter

One part is called centimeter.


Introduce it by law in France


The definition of this meter in 1960


Is done. Krypton 6's orange

The wavelength of radiation


One part is called a meter.


Re-define the meter in the year

Is changed, current

By definition, light in the air


299,792,456 to one part


Is called. 1,000,000,000 of these meters


Crore) one of the divisions

The part is called nanometer.

The word nano is the Greek word nanos

Which has a lexical meaning

dwarft but it is a unit of size

Being used as. And this

All that on the nanometer scale

That's what technology is all about

Says nanotechnology.

The meter unit is our daily routine

Involved in life. Home

This meter of furniture we all measure

Single. Before World War II


Electronics in millimeter scale

Fineness was measured. Small of millimeters

A time to think about something

There was not. But World War II ended

To be

Later, one new in science and technology

Of the era

The beginning is. The semiconductor is his journey

The beginning

Did. And the beginning of it is the transistor

With discovery. Then the micrometer


Our thinking started with.

It can be said that the journey has begun,



Later technology started advancing


At speed. Various things, of which

In television, radio, fridge

Etc. etc. And

How to make it smaller

With that the fierce war began.


All of this is how small the company is


Things are ours

Can reach, his

The competition began. And all this

The thing is possible, semiconductors

Related to the welfare of technology. First


The size of the radio or TV

We will get a smile now. So much


Big things people used to do


That question may come up.


Now for hanging on the wall in the market

Like a calendar

The thin TV has arrived.

The front will probably come smaller.

In 1960, IBM researchers first


STM (Scanning Tunneling)

Microscope) This

Visit the molecule structure with the instrument


The invention of this device


Who has been able to make it a reality.

How this STM works. On this device


Sharp pin-like pointed tip

There is and when it is no conductive

Of the object

Taken too close, then

There is very little called tunneling from that

The amount of electricity is transmitted. And this

The amount of electricity in the object

Image of outer layer molecules

Is made. However, this is STM

Whatever I want to see in the case

Of course

Must be electrically conductive. But electricity

Formation of non-conductive molecules

How to see? Not people

Didn't sit down. By making the impossible possible


The way it has come so far


The impossible was made possible by AFM.


In this case tunneling power

Is worked with and with AFM


It is possible to see the molecular structure with pins.

Richard January 29, 1959

Feynman California Institute

Held in off-technology


At a meeting of the Physical Society


Plenty of Room at the Bottom


Gave a speech. This is the first speech

Gives the idea of ​​nanotechnology. 1969

Of the year

November 9 at Nanotechnology

One of the most memorable days for

Will be considered. This

Of IBM of California during the day


Don Eigler at the Research Center and


Schweizer IBM with 35 Xenon molecules


Created the logo. That day

Arrange the first molecule as desired


It is possible for people to create.


The first man is the most important of nature

Capable of breaking down molecular structures

Was. The structure of the molecule is arbitrary

A lot can be done by creating. One

Humans are the door to huge possibilities

The front is exposed. Only molecules

Due to structural differences

Coal is so cheap and diamonds are so expensive.

The main component of two things is carbon.


Just because of the difference in molecular structure


The hardest product in the world anymore

The tip of a coal or pencil is soft.

Cornell University in 1999


Ho and his student Hyojune Lee

Pairing of molecules

Demonstrates the process. So long

Molecules up to-

The connection of atoms is only chemical

It was organized through reactions. But

Molecules through nanotechnology-

By breaking or attaching atoms


It opened the door to the possibility of doing nothing.

Field of Nanotechnology

There are two processes. On a hall

Top to Bottom and the other


Bottom to top.


The method is to cut any thing short

He is given a specific shape.


The field is usually etching

The process is related. And downtown


With small things of small size


To make any thing. Ours

Current Electronics Hall, Topdown


And the hall of nanotechnology, the bottom

Technology. Tiny on the nanometer scale


This will be made with the material of the object

In nanotechnology. For easy understanding

Let's give an example. Remember,

You have a special kind of DNA

Required. So in bottom-up technology,


The smaller components of DNA


By that desired DNA

Will be created.

But only in nanotechnology


Not just technology, but top-down technology


The two will be combined.

Those of us who use computers

They know that every year

The price of computer is decreasing. Every year


Better than cheap


Computers are available. Actually this

With the computer

Related to nanotechnology.

The processor inside the computer,

Almost all of you are Intel processors


Have you heard the name? Of this processor

Inside are countless tiny little ones

Nanometer scale circuit. And

Nanotechnology is being used in it.

In the processor of the brick, on the silicon

The circuit is spelled by pattern

The current size is 100 nanometers.

In the next three years, its size will be 80

Nanometer. And in seven years


Will be 50 nanometers. Intel

Hopefully in 2010 they will be 30


Can bring in size. And

From today then this processor's


Will be halved. That day too

The day is not far away for you

The mobile will work on the computer


(Currently some such mobiles

Came on the market).

There are also computers

Hard disk. Information on this hard disk

The saving power is increasing day by day. This

Also used on hard disk

Being nanotechnology. Now

300 GB hard disk in the market

Available. But this matter today

Even 10 years ago it was imaginary


Thanks for reading my article........

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I'm excited what's gonna be the future with nano tech

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