Spend the whole day at home

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Spend the whole day at home

Mr. Iajuddin had decided to spend the whole day at home. He will go to raise his wife at night. Not at a friend's house. He has no such friends. Get in the car and tell the driver to take the Dhaka-Chittagong highway for a while. It feels good to walk on the road for a while very fast. Man was born to move fast, not to stand still. The trees will stand in one place. People are not trees.

He is waiting for a telephone call. He has talked to Rafiq. He got the news, they got out of jail. He wants to talk to Moniruzzaman. Arranged.

The telephone is ringing.

He grabbed the receiver by the ear. He said softly, who is talking?

Sir I-I Moniruzzaman.

What's the matter Sir, I apologize to you. I, I.

Okay, you're forgiven. If the girl has a problem.

Sir, no problem.


Mr. Iajuddin hung up the telephone. The last page of the book Moon is Down was left to read. Read the last page. He did not like the book. He thought, maybe something new will be said on the last page. Not so. The book speaks of a world that exists only in imagination. The real world is not like that. Moniruzzaman lives in the real world. When will Shuvro understand this truth? If he could understand, he would throw this book in the dustbin. He has the same desire of his own, but the white book has given him as a birthday present. Impossibly beautiful wrote a sentence. A book written so beautifully he could not put away. But Shuvra's processing about him is not right. He is not an ideal man. An ideal person cannot earn crores of rupees. Our Prophet was the ideal man. He was in a state of eating day after day.

Well, will White be the ideal man? If it happens to him one day, then he will eat every day. Will he be able to bear it? But he wants white to be the ideal man. The night Shuvro was born, he committed a major wrongdoing and lost a large sum of money. He went to the hospital with the briefcase full of money to see the boy - aha, what a beautiful, what a cute boy. The newborn baby could not smile, but he could clearly see that the baby looked at him like a flower and smiled. Maybe his eyes are wrong. Maybe his imagination. But he saw. The nurse said, take the baby in your lap?

His hands are unclean. The flowers of heaven cannot be touched with these unclean hands. Yet he raised his hands and said - Day. Give me a hug.

She took the baby in her arms and named him Shuvro. He said in his mind - let this son of mine never touch any filth, any filth in the world - let him be like his name.

Well, what can white do? Of course you can. Why not? People are born with honest instincts. The people around him are dishonest. He has set Shuvro apart from everyone else. No filth of the world was allowed to crowd near Shuvro.

He is leaving crores of rupees for Shuvro. The amount of money is beyond imagination. This does not mean honest. She wants to see what Shuvro does with this meaning. If any one world after death is true, then from there he will watch the boy's kandakarkhana with great interest.

Mr. Iajuddin asked to get out of the car and went in search of his wife. Running on the highway at night is not one of Rachel's favorite activities. He may not want to go.

Rachel's house is dark. He lit the lamp. Rachel is sitting in the middle of the bed in a dark room.

What happened?

Rachel said softly, nothing.

Why are you sitting in the dark like this?

I feel very bad for Shuvro.

Worried again?

Rachel said in a low voice, one day you, I will not be one of us. This boy of mine will lose his eyesight. Who will see our white then?

Mr. Iajuddin put his hand on his wife's shoulder and said, "Come on, let's go back." I will drive on the highway at a speed of 100 km. I'll drive, you'll sit next to me. And listen, Rachel — whatever happens will happen — who cares.

Where are we going?

I still don't know where. Let's get in the car first.

My body is not feeling well.

Your body is fine. In fact, your mind is not good. As soon as you get in the car, your mind will start to get better. Once the mind is good, the body will start to feel good.

Cars are running on the Dhaka-Chittagong highway. Mr. Iajuddin is increasing the pressure of the accelerator. Rachel is sitting like an idol. Mr. Iajuddin said, are you afraid Rachel?

Rachel said like an instrument, no.

Good. Look out the window and see how beautiful the moon has risen. The moon is also running with us. See?


What do you think If you raise your hand, you can touch the moon?

Rachel did not answer this question and said, will you tell me a truth?

Mr. Iajuddin increased the speed of the car a little more and said, I have never lied to you.

So tell me, how many more days will Shuvro be able to see? You talked to the doctor. You know it Tell me

Mr. Iajuddin slowed down and stopped at one point. As far as the eye can see — paddy fields. Huge moon over the head of the paddy field. Mr. Iajuddin got out of the car and said, Rachel, get out too.

You did not answer my question. Answer.

Mr. Iajuddin is looking at the moon. Looks like I didn't hear the question. Rachel is crying with her head on the dashboard of the car.

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