Shuvro can't find his glasses

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Shuvro can't find his glasses

Shuvro can't find his glasses. Leaving the bed, he entered the bathroom to shed tears. He left the bathroom and went to the porch. He walked twice on the verandah from head to toe. He likes to see the world without glasses in the evening. Sounds completely different. Darkness all around. The lamp is shining in this darkness. Without glasses these lights seem to be much brighter and scattered.

Shuvra wanted to walk a little longer, but didn't have time. Today is Jahed's wedding. The bride and groom will leave after the evening fair. One of the white bridegrooms. He will take the microbus. He has no time to be late. Entered the white room. Can't find the glasses. This week's Time magazine page is open next to the bed. One packet of caso nuts next to the magazine. The packet was not opened. Her notebook and pencil under the pillow. Everything is there, no glasses. Shuvra felt a kind of tremor in her body. This is what happens when he loses his glasses. Occasionally there is shortness of breath. Feeling so helpless! It seems that he is lost in the midst of thousands of people in an unknown unknown country. Can't see with eyes, can't speak. Just realize that countless people are passing him by. Just as he can't see them, they can't see him. He is invisible to them.

White panicked, mother! Mom!

Rehana came home almost immediately. "I can't find my glasses, Mom."

I understood from hearing his screams. Sit here calmly. Where do the glasses go? At home. The spectacles do not have a fan that can fly away from the house.

I kept it near the pillow.

If you put it near the pillow, it is near the pillow.

Rehana did not see any glasses on the bed. Probably fell under the bed. He quickly looked at the bottom of the bed. Shuvro said, mother, found?

Available. You sit quietly. You started sweating.

The bride and groom will leave in the evening.

The glasses will be available immediately. You can go on time. Moreover, the bridegroom can never leave on time. It must be an hour or two late.

Mom, you're wasting time talking. I feel very restless.

Shuvra really looks very restless. Other times it doesn't seem so restless. Because then Shuvro knew there were two glasses hidden in the cupboard for emergencies. Today I don't have those two glasses. As the white eyes got worse - the two glasses were sent to the store to be fitted with new glasses. Verilki lenses will be fitted. It will take a week.

Mom, found?

Not yet found. However, it can be found. Tell me, where did you go with your glasses open?

Didn't go anywhere. I went to the bathroom and gave tears.

Then the glasses are in the bathroom. You put it on the basin by hand and gave tears. Then you forgot about the glasses.

Rehana entered the bathroom. The glasses aren't there. He went to Raranda. There is a small table on the porch. Shuvro sometimes forgets to put his glasses on the table - it must be the same today.

There is nothing on the porch table. He entered the bedroom again. There is a white face sitting worried and hurt. Sweat dripped down her fair forehead. Shuvro said, what will happen mother!

Nothing will happen. Available. I see you come and sit on the veranda with me. And we both have tea. I'm talking to working people. They will find out.

I don't want to drink tea, mother.

Why do you say so little restless smile?

I am blind without glasses. Is it too little to be blind?

Absolutely what happened to Ghemau-teme! Come with me.

He took Shuvro by the hand and sat him on the verandah. He went down from the second floor to the first floor and told Babu to make two cups of tea very well. Workman Shaheda and workman Totamiya came to Datla and asked Shuvro to find the glasses. This is never done. People working in this house are never allowed to come to the second floor. Their activities are limited to one floor. Rehana does the work on the second floor. He is like pure air.

Shuvro said, what a bad mother?

Not too bad. Only six. You get dressed. I tell the driver to get out of the microbus. You sit with me and have tea. Stupid boy! If there is so little navas?

If I am late, Zahid will be very restless. Today is her wedding. Should he be disturbed today?

Why would he be restless when he sees you late?

He could not get a car. Our microbus is his trust. This will be decorated with flower-tools to make the groom's car.

So let's do one thing instead. Let's send the microbus. I'll take my little car after you get the glasses.

It's not bad, Mom.

The white Punjabi wore it. The sleeves of the Punjabi were wrinkled. Rehana dressed herself. Light brown pants. White Punjabi, pale white sandals. Shuvro looks like a prince. Rehana is having tea with her son. Shaheda and Moti Mia are turning Datla upside down. Shuvra's restlessness is gone a lot. She is sitting in a calm posture. Once just asked, what a bad mother?

At half past seven, Rehana did not tell her son. Said, just the evening matched. The night is not over. Where is your friend getting married? At the community center?

No. In Nakhalpara. They are very poor. There is no money to rent a community center.

The girl is getting married at home?

No, at the daughter's sister's house. The girl has no parents. Big sister did man. She is getting married at home.

Are you that Chinese?


It would have been nice to know. You could go straight to that house. The bridegroom must have left. . ...

Glasses do not seem to be available, mother!

Definitely available. Where there is a gap. You have to be more careful, White.

White smile. What a beautiful boy smiles. Rehana's chest throbbed every time she saw him. Men don't have to be so handsome. Shuvro said, mother, I will go and sit on the roof. You bring me to the roof.

I'd rather call the spectacles store.

Don't worry mom. I don't want to go anymore. You bring me to the roof.

Rehana took Shuvro by the hand and lifted him to the roof. Shuvro said, you go. I will walk on the roof one by one.

I'm scared!

Why be afraid?

Rehana went downstairs. He himself is upset. Shuvra's slightest pain came to his chest. He entered his bedroom and telephoned his distant sister Riya. Biya is a very merry girl. He will come and make Shuvra's mind better by shouting. That is whether he is at home or not. There has also been a rear groom. Like the rear. Eating charakipak day and night. Rear is supposed to be out with the groom.

Rhea was found. Rehana said, what are you doing Riya?

Rhea smiled and said, I'm fidgeting.

Why are you fidgeting?

The ghost will come down to our house tonight at twelve o'clock. I am fidgeting in this tension.

What does it mean to be haunted?

A friend of Zaman's has come from Sweden. He is an expert in bringing ghosts. Very good medium. Why did you suddenly call it?


Amy, you never call. Please tell the reason.

Feeling bad for Shuvro.

Why! What happened to him?

She was upset, she was supposed to go to a friend's wedding. Couldn't go. You lost your glasses.

Losing glasses is not a new phenomenon. Losing all the time. Went on a picnic last year and lost glasses. We are making a lot of noise and he is looking for glasses. Buku, you do one thing - buy two or three thousand glasses and hang them in different places of the house with colored yarn.

Rehana smiled. Rhea said, don't laugh, I'm telling the truth. What is Shuvro doing now - is he closing the door and crying because of the spectacle show?

Walking on the roof.

Is the purpose of telephoning me to come and get him back?

No, you have a program.

The program is nothing. Appointment with ghosts. Just as human appointments can be canceled, so can ghosts. I'm coming to take him. And listen, you

Are you thinking of marrying Shuvro?

Just passed.

How old is he now - not twenty-four?


What a defeat! The age of marriage is going away. And it would not be right to be late. I have a daughter I know. Rupavati is just like me. Bihari girl. There is no way to understand Bihari. Bengali culture has taken over. Rabindra sings music. Read Jibanananda's poems.

What is the lack of Bengali girl in the country?

There is a lack of a beautiful daughter. You find someone like me - I'll give you a thousand rupees. Shuvro can no longer be married to anyone. The princess will be by his side. Whatever it is, Buku, you tell Shuvro to get ready. I'm coming. I have a picture of a Bihari girl. What will I bring when I come?

You come yourself. Picture-Toby doesn't have to bring anything.

White stands like a statue right in the middle of their roof. His face is towards the sky. But close your eyes. Rehana did not understand what it meant to close her eyes and look at the sky. He called out, "This is white!"

She looked at the white mother. Rehana said in a happy voice, these are glasses. Found. There was a big tub of flowers on the veranda - it was lying behind the tub. He took the glasses from Shuvra's hand and said softly, "Thanks mom." Rehana said, I can't think how the glasses got there.

That's the big thing.

Your journey from the middle is ruined. And what would have been the loss if found a few hours ago! Your mind must be bad.

No mother. I have fixed my mind.

How did you fix it?

I have my own technique to fix my mind.

Teach me I am often upset.

My technique cannot be taught to anyone. Bizarre all techniques. You'll think I'm crazy.

Your head is a little bad. Listen, your aunt Riya is coming. You come back with him. You will like it

I feel good walking on the roof, mother.

You're dressed up nicely and come around with the rear. You will like it

I'm not going, Mom. I don't want to go anywhere.

The two are coming down from the roof. Rehana said, holding my hand. Name holding hands.

No need to hold hands, mother. Now I have glasses in my eyes, I can see everything.

If I have glasses, I understand that I can't hold my mother's hand anymore!

Shuvro Maar stopped holding his hand. He said in a low voice, "Mom, you hid my glasses so I can't go to my friend's wedding." You don't want me to mingle with my poor friends. But they like me very much. I like them too. I don't do as much as I do to you, but I do.

Rehana couldn't say anything. He did not expect that the spectacles would catch on so easily. Shuvro said, are you angry with my mother?

Rehana could not answer. The car horn can be heard. Rhea is gone. He is not getting out of the car - he is constantly blowing the horn. Shuvro said, little aunt has come - let's go down, mother.

Rhea is sitting in the back seat of the car. Even in this darkness, like the heroine of the movie, her face is covered with black glasses. No hair tied. The air is random. Rhea poked her face out the window and said, White, get up.

Shuvro said, I will not go anywhere today, little aunt.

Riya said in a tired voice, Mr. Majumdar start the car. Mr. Majumdar was told that Shuvro had never seen him before. The gentleman's head is full of raw hair. Overweight look. Round glasses with golden frames on the eyes. The gentleman said, don't get up. You won't feel bad.

Riya said, Mr. Majumdar, there is no point in wasting time talking to him. When he says you can't go, you can't go. I know him by heart.

Are you angry aunt? Off course angry. I'm not a Superman like you, I don't have anger or hatred. Did you get glasses?


You look great in Punjabi Ray Shuvro! Why don't you come to your house, Janice? Every time I come, I think you are more beautiful than before. I can't stand the beauty of others. Mr. Majumdar, does Shuvro not look like a movie hero?

Talking about the hero of Bengali film?

No, Shuvro looks like Peter and Tool. There are similarities in the figure. White, don't get up. I don't talk to you for a long time.

Not wanting today, little aunt.

I'm looking for a girl for you, you know? Two got primary selection. Your mother saw one, I canceled.

Well done.

You're a real spit fire and that's exactly what we like on this site CC!

No, not today.

Mr. Majumdar started the car. The white car stopped on the porch. Suddenly he feels like he has nothing to do. Lately this feeling has been happening to her frequently. Even if he left with his younger aunt. His main reason for not going was that his little aunt would not let him return at night. Had to go from him. She doesn't like being in someone else's house. His own idea is that he is blind. No blind man finds comfort without his familiar place. He doesn't get it either.

The doorman is closing the gate and coming forward. This doorman has a new appointment. The doorman said, brother, will you sit in the garden? Shall I bring a chair?


Gomez is looking at him with curious eyes. What are you watching with so much interest? Shuvro said, will Gomez say something?

No Sir, have your glasses been found?

Yes, found.

Shuvra smiled to herself. Losing his glasses seems to have become a huge event. Who knows, Dad might come back from the office and ask, White, got glasses?

Why is Dad so late to return today? Has there been any problem in his office again? Shuvro waited for him. When his father is late, he sometimes waits for Got. She likes to wait.

Mr. Iajuddin returned at ten o'clock at night. There was a kind of agitation in the house. He doesn't go upstairs in office clothes. He took a bath in hot water on the ground floor. A new set of clothes and slippers came up to her feet. Not on the second floor. Don't talk until you get up. His everything caught the clock. He sat down to eat dinner at nine thirty. Go to bed at half past ten.

Today there have been some changes in the rules. When Mr. Iajuddin entered the dining room, it was ten or twenty o'clock. White is sitting alone. Food has been served on the table. Moti Mia is standing a little away.

Mr. Iajuddin said, where is your mother white?

Mom is in bed, Dad. Holding his head. Do not eat anything at night.

Not yours. Today was supposed to go to a friend's wedding - did not go?


Why not?

Shuvro looked at his father and smiled. Mr. Iajuddin knows the meaning of this laughter. This laughter means that Shuvro does not want to say anything more in this regard.






White smile.

I do not understand you.


All right, go.

Feeling hot.

I heard.



It is written.


Yes, I will.


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