Mr. Mizan is quite normal

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Mr. Mizan is quite normal

Mr. Mizan is quite normal. She cut her hair from the barber shop. Absolutely a step. The head looks like a black Kadam flower. He looks different because of the haircut. Apart from this, there is no other abnormality in him. Conversation, demeanor is very normal. Suddenly he looked at his wife and said a couple of ugly words and became normal again. For example, while eating rice this afternoon, he was simply eating rice. I do not have money to buy salt? Manoara was going to cry, not cry. There is no harm in crying again. He ran and fetched salt from the kitchen. Until then Mr. Mizan is normal. He said in a soft voice, Manu, why don't you eat together? Eating together reduces the hassle. The workman has to keep one. It is not possible to run a family without a working man. Will you see Kadik alone?

Good news is to come from house to house. You don't have to report bad news. Everyone knows. All the relatives of Mr. Mizan in Dhaka have received the news. They are coming to see. Meeting crazy people and talking to crazy people is a different kind of fun. Mr. Mizan deprived everyone of joy. He did not show any madness. He spoke in a simple normal manner and smiled.

Jahed took Mama to the doctor in the evening. Brothers of a colleague in Dr. Mizan's office. That colleague has made the arrangement. Very good doctor for cerebral palsy. He will see the patient for half the fee. Doctors spend less than half of their time on patients who are seen at half the fee. The prescription is written before the symptoms are heard. However, this doctor spent a lot of time. He asked various questions and said, I can't find anything. I think you are worrying unnecessarily. What is his main problem?

Jahed said uneasily, suddenly angry. Used ugly with aunt. Scolded.

Is it very unusual to be angry with your wife from time to time? Mango everyone is angry sometimes.

Jahed said, but he doesn't remember that he is angry. Besides, Mama didn't talk much before, now she talks a lot. Talked all the time.

Talked to his wife?

Yes, he said. He woke up at night and told stories.

The doctor said, "I think he went through a kind of Navas shock." No major storm has blown over the nerves. The storm caused a kind of shock to the nervous system. Temporary disability is going on. It's nothing. You have to eat and drink properly. I have to sleep. It is best if the location can be changed. You better go somewhere with your uncle, come on tour.

The conversation is taking place in front of Mr. Mizan. He is listening with deep interest. As soon as the doctor stopped, he said, it is not a bad idea. Jahed, let's go back to the village house. Let's eat fresh date juice. Do not eat date juice for a long time.

The doctor said, good sense. Go, come back from the village.

Jahed came out with a sad face with his uncle. The doctor has made a long prescription. Various types of vitamins, digestive drugs, sleeping pills. Three hundred rupees went away. In medicine. Mr. Mizan raised his voice and said, there will be no work in medicine. I need the open air of the village. There is Bahadurabad Express at eleven o'clock at night. Let's take the Bahadurabad Express. It doesn't take long to pull. It's good. Today the shame will be broken.

Leaving Mama at home, Jahed went to see Care. The whole two days have passed and I have not met with Care. Came once yesterday. The stairs could not be broken in shame.

Mr. Jalil opened the door and said with a smile, "Hey Dulamiya!" Ha ha ha. Come on, come on. I understood you would come.

Jahed said in a dry voice, how are you?

Alhamdulillah. I'm fine. Tell me what you think? He got married and left his wife. No address. What's the matter I have never heard of such an event in my thirty-eight years of life.

Jahed said, who is there?

Yes, yes - where to go? At home. I heard there was a fever. I said jokingly - separation fever. Ha ha ha.

Give a little news to Koya?

What's more difficult! Why should I tell? You are the son-in-law of this house. You whisper and go inside. Who am i I am an outsider.

Jahed did not have to go inside. Keya came out. He has a fever. Nearly one hundred and two. Unbearable headache. Looks like the head will fall off. But he is quite normal. He looked at Jahed and smiled. He said in a soft voice, let's go to the roof.

Mr. Jalil shouted, no more, why go to the roof? There is no need to go to the roof with fever. Sit here and do the stories and rumors. There is nothing to tell the story of husband and wife. Ha ha ha.

Keya said nothing. He opened the door and left. A thin sheet on his body. The sheets are probably not cold. She is shaking a little. As he climbed the stairs, he stumbled and fell. Jahed grabbed him. Jahed said, how did the body get so bad? Kaya said, I don't understand. I took a bath for a long time last night. I think so. It's cold.

Do you have a cough?

There is. Want to hear?

Keya is smiling. Jahed said, sitting on the roof air might not be right.

That's fine. Sit quietly. How is your uncle

I do not understand. Doesn't look very good. The head is probably bad or is going to be -

Did you see a doctor?


What did the doctor say?

Gave prescriptions. Asks to take home to the village. Asked to change the environment.

Taking me home to the village?



Want to go on the train tonight. I don't understand yet.

Take it.

You're going to take it!

Huh guys. I think the storm is going on on your own. You also need change. Otherwise it will be seen later that mama is going the same way - nephew is also going that way. Both of them are standing naked on the island and controlling the traffic.

Keya is smiling. How beautiful Kayake looks! Jahed said in his mind, my good fortune has no end. What a wonderful young lady I got next to.

Keya said, why are you serious? Are you angry with me?

No, why should I be angry?

Why didn't you decorate today?

Didn't have time to hurry.

Keya said in a low voice - I had a beautiful story ready to tell you last night. It seems to be too late to live. Tell the story now?

No, stay. I won't listen now.

I told you to buy a blue half-shirt and white pants, did you?


When the next time comes, wear white pants and blue shirts.

All right.

Jahed said, I would rather go today. If Mama has to be taken to the country, then she has to make arrangements.

All right, go.

You go down too. Do not sit on the roof with fever.

Keya said, I'll stay a little longer. You go

It must be cold!

Laguk. I was on the roof for many nights yesterday.


Kaya said in a tired voice, tell me what to do. Something is not looking good. Do you know what I was thinking sitting on the roof tomorrow? I thought if we ever had a chance to be together we would hug you all night and one day. I won't let you go anywhere for a second.

Jahed said, a matter of a few days. I told everyone for a flat. Durum flat.

How do I rent a flat?

There must be an arrangement. Let's go.


Well, Jahed did not go. Stood up. Keya said, say something?

What did you say to yourself at home?

I said. Something you don't need to hear.

Keya is in danger.

No danger. You go

Jahed left. Keya is sitting quietly. The hair of his head is flying in the wind.

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