Kanta Villa

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Kanta Villa

The name of Shuvro's house is Kanta Villa.

Brass nameplate near the gate. This name is sparkled with a brush once a day. It is not similar to the modern houses in Gulshan area - old type houses. Jail: There is a feeling of jail. High walls. Barbed wire fence over the walls. The gate of the house is also made of solid iron. There is no way to see anything through the gate from outside. There is a calling bell near the gate. After ringing the bell for a long time, the doorman opens the door and asks with an annoyed face, who? Because those who come to this house do not ring the gate bell. The car horn sounds. The doorman knows the horn of every car that comes to this house. Hearing the horn, one can understand who has come. When he heard the car horn, he ran and opened the door. Newspaper hawkers, dhapas, electricians, occasionally some extremely brave beggars rang the doorbell. There is no need for the gate aunt to run after hearing their bell. It is only when he recovers slowly.

The bell has been ringing for a long time. The doorman Gomez is not opening the gate. He is sitting in the corner reading the newspaper. The bell is ringing, Bazuk. If you are a beggar, you will get tired of ringing the bell and leave. If you are not a beggar, you will not get tired. Keep playing. Once the gate was opened. There is nothing to hurry.

Gomez dropped the newspaper from his hand. Annoyed, he got up and opened the door. Jahed is standing outside the gate. Gomez knows Jahed - Shuvro's friend. He had come a few times before, but never entered the gate.

Jahed said, is there white?

Gomez raised his voice and said, no.

This is a clear lie. There is a white house. He himself does not know why Gomez did not say. No one told him to lie. Jahed said, he was very much needed. Do you know where he went?


Can you tell me when you will return home?


Zahir became upset. Bus strike today. He came from Kalabagan to Gulshan with a lot of pain. Some on foot, some on shared rickshaws, some on tempo. Realizing the opportunity, Tempo has doubled the rent. He now has seven rupees in his pocket. The problem is to go back to Kalabagan with this seven rupees. Apart from that, he is very thirsty for tea. Not without a cup of tea and a biscuit. Stomach ulcers are in a very bad stage. The doctor forbade tea on an empty stomach. If you go to eat tea-biscuits, three rupees will go away. There will be only four.

Jahed said to the doorman, come after an hour or two, there is no search, what did he say?

Can take.

The doorman closed the door and locked it from the inside. The gate of this house is always locked from inside.

Jahed ate a cup of tea and two toast biscuits. Greedy, he ate a banana. You can have breakfast this morning. I am very hungry. Spending time sitting in unfamiliar tea shops is also a problem. After sitting for a while, the owner of the shop started looking suspiciously. Time is bad, everything is seen with suspicion. The bigger problem is that Jahed doesn't have a watch - it is not clear how long the two hours have passed. After a while I have to ask him how bad it is. There was a time. People would be happy to ask. Time would tell with interest. Now he gets angry. He looks as if there is a purpose behind asking for time.

Jahed rang the bell again in an hour and a half. The doorman said indifferently, did not come. If you have something to say, tell me - I will let you know.

Jahed said, you don't have to tell the media. To say directly. I would rather write a letter.


Can you give me a pen and paper?


Jahed had to go back to that tea shop again. He took a pen and paper from the shop owner and wrote -

White, my marriage is fine. On wednesday Can you give me a car to go to the bridegroom? -

After submitting the letter to the doorman, he left for Kalabagan on foot. It doesn't feel bad to walk, but the hunger is letting go. A little pain in the abdomen has also started. It would not be right to treat the pain. Moreover, there is no time to worry about trivial physical problems. Terrible problem in front of the head. The first and foremost problem is - where to bring Kaya? He lives in his uncle's house. Sleeps to get to the campground on the inner porch. Inevitably the campground gets a little wet in the rain water during the rainy season. It is not possible to sleep in the camp with my wife. Two rooms in uncle's house. At one time there were small uncles and aunts. In the other, Mama has three daughters. There is no such thing as a living room. If there was no problem. A few days could be spent on the sofa. Keya slept on the sofa, she spread the blanket on the floor.

Jahed informed his uncle Mizan Sahib about the marriage. The day after tomorrow. After dinner rice. Jahed was scared - I don't know what Mama does after hearing the news. Did nothing like that. He looked at Jahed for a long time and said. He is stunned, the cat is superfluous. Why is Jahed going to get married in this situation? Will you feed your wife? Where will the wife be? - Didn't want to know anything. Jahed's aunt Monowara said, really married, or am I kidding?

Jahed said, I am really getting married, aunty. The girl's name is Keya. He came to this house twice. You may have seen. Care nanny on her death bed. He wants to see his granddaughter's wedding and Care's sister-in-law has announced that she will no longer be able to feed Keya.

Do they see you getting married - do you have?

Jahed did not say anything. Monowara said - where will he get up with his wife?

Jahed said, I haven't fixed anything yet.

Do you have a place to go?

Yes, no.

Do you have money for wedding expenses?

Jahed nodded and said, no.

Mr. Mizan said in the same manner as before, oh!

Jahed has nothing at the moment. The passbook was opened at the post office. Some of the tuition money was kept there. There are seven hundred and thirty three rupees in the passbook. Maar has a neck and a half necklace. If you sell it, the retail cost of the wedding can be managed. The cost of the wedding is the wedding sari, the yellow sari. Some Saint-Fent. But the mother specifically said that the necklace should be given to his wife during Jahed's marriage. Thinking about these sentiments does not work now. The days of sentiment are over. Today is the day of reality. Har is currently with her older sister Nilima. Jahed has deep doubts about whether that rate will be available or not. Went to fetch seven days ago. Nilima said, the rate has been given to polish. Yesterday Jahed went again. Neelima said, the receipt is not available. He started a kind of quarrel. The point of contention is that her mother did not give her anything during her marriage. He gave two bracelets. Gold is nominal in it. Jahed said, what is the benefit of telling me this? What do I do with it?

Neelima said, there was one thing even though a pair of bracelets was a useful thing. I would not say anything. I would leave it as a memento. Shop stuff. Jahed will be in great danger if he leaves the necklace of Nilima by any means. Jahed doesn't believe it will go down so much. But incredible things are happening in the world. Moreover, smallness is very normal in a needy family.

Jahed is getting married. No one is showing any interest. Nilima never asked, where will you get up with your wife? Probably did not ask out of fear, if Jahed sat down. I'll stay with you for a few days. He may have thought that once he got married, he could not be chased away. Of course, it is not wrong to think so. Thinking is normal.

Jahed now relies on his friends. He has a sly nature. Hasn't said anything to anyone yet. Shame to say. Shuvro told him about the car. Cars will be available. No one got anything from Shuvro, it never happened. Vehicles will be arranged. But when the news reached Shuvra's ears. Shuvro is never available on the telephone. He doesn't pick up the telephone. As long as he inevitably says, Shuvro is not at home, or he is sleeping now. Jahed decided to try to call once tonight at nine or ten o'clock. Not available. Still try and see once. It can be found. There is a big sweet shop near Nilima's house. The shop is newly opened so you can call from there. However, entering the shop, you have to think that you will buy a lot of sweets. Before buying, call home and find out.

Jahed's brother-in-law Mobasher Ali darkened his face when he saw Jahed. Do it all the time. Did a little more today. He said in a dry voice, you don't have a sister. Went to Narayanganj. Will not come today.

Jahed said, Apa has brought the jewelry - do you know Dulabhai?

Any jewelry?

That's a necklace. Lets polish.

Okay - yes - it's a problem, you know? Great trouble.

Jahed said in a shocked voice, what's the matter?

The shop is up. There was a Hindu shop, I think he left India without telling anyone. There is a rush to go to India. Still trying to find the news - nothing seems to be happening. You give up hope of that.

Jahed said in a sad voice, what is Dulabhai saying!

I said what is true. But jewelry to your wife. We will give one. I can't now. I will heal slowly. Your sister will come the day after tomorrow. Then come and find out. He will tell the details.

What are the details?

No store submitted, what happened. In the end this is all archetypal. Of course not knowing is equal.

Jahed stood up. Mobasher Ali said, leaving?


All right, go. If you want to have tea, you can have it. If you tell the maid, she will make tea.

No, don't drink tea.?

Jahed came out of the house. Didn't think whether to go to care once or not. It would not be right to call Shuvro so early in the morning. Must be done after midnight. What to do until nine? Let's meet with Care instead.

Kaya is ashamed to go home. It also feels uncomfortable. Care's older sister can't stand him. Of course this woman may not be able to tolerate anything. To this day, Jahed has never heard him speak sweetly. If Jahed wants time and opportunity, he will say to the lady - Bakul Apa, your name is in the name of flowers but why do you treat everyone so hard? That opportunity may never come.

Jahed arrived at Kayad's five-storey flat at nine o'clock at night. You have to climb the dark stairs to the fifth floor. Dense darkness up to the fifth floor. Breaking stairs in this darkness is a very tiring thing. All the time it seems that the stairs are over, but it is not over. At one time it seemed that the height of the steps of the stairs was changing. A kind of tension, right on the stairs?

As soon as the bell rang, Mr. Jalil opened the door and said with a smile, "Come on, come on." I thought I was waiting for you. Keya is at home. Teaching kids. Sit down, I'm calling.

Mr. Jalil is wearing lungi and genji. That's how he got inside. He is not a member of this family. One of them has taken a room sublet. He covered seven hundred times a month. Keya pays seven hundred rupees. It is very useful in the world. Mr. Jalil seems to be one of the family. Jahed doesn't like the matter. Why would an outsider wander around like that? Why would he say to Kaya - Kaya, see if my lungi has dried or not. When not dry, turn it over.

Care dry mouth.

She looks like she's worried about something. He entered the room and said, will you say something?

Jahed said, no. Is your body bad

Kaya said, the body is fine. Come with me - go to the roof. I go to the roof and talk.

Keya is walking towards the door. Jahed is going behind. He does not understand why the mind is so bad?

The roof of a tall building does not look good. There is a kind of discomfort all the time. I think so. The stairs are broken in the face of climbing to the roof far away from the earth. Keya said, hold my hand. The stairs are broken.

Jahed shook hands. How easy, how normal he is able to hold this girl's hand! There is no comparison to what this joy is.

Keya is standing on the railing. Jahed said - do not grow a beard. The railing may break. Nowadays, cement is not used to build buildings. Work with sand. Why are you so quiet? Is something wrong?

No, what will happen. Has the wedding collection been all done?

Something. We have arranged a microbus for the bride and groom.

What a marriage, her groom again.

Jahed said, as trivial as marriage is, marriage is.

Keya said, do you have money?

There is something.

How much is that?

Jahed remained silent. Kaya said in a tired voice, you have to buy a wedding sari. You need to buy a fairly good sari. My daughters will surely want to see their mother's wedding sari when they grow up.

I will buy a good sari.

Kaya said, my grandmother gave me some money. Slightly. Four thousand rupees. You take the money.

It doesn't cost money.

It takes. No one knows your condition better than I do. Good thing - where will I get up after marriage?

Not fixed yet.

Fix something. Wherever you take me - I'll go - don't just leave me here after marriage.

I will not do that.

You stay with your little uncle.


Sleep to get a camper on the porch?


Get wet when it rains?


Do I have to stay in that camp?

Jahed remained silent. Kaya said, I have no objection to stay in the camp. You will not be upset about all this. I have the same habit of suffering. If only. . .

Just what if?

Kaya said in a low voice, "If only I could stay with you in solitude for a few days." Keya sighed and said, you stand here. I brought the money. Why do you feel so tired? Are you walking too much?


Aren't you trying to reach out to different types of people for money?


Don't reach out to anyone for money. It seems. You stand

Keya left within five minutes. A small tray in his hand. A cup of tea covered in saucer. With two toast biscuits.

There is nothing in the house. Have tea with biscuits.

Jahed is drinking tea. Keya is looking. I know why he feels great love. He wants to hug Jahed. Does this happen to most girls, or is it happening to her?

There is money in this envelope. Be careful. And listen, you'll do one thing - buy yourself a shirt and pants. Blue. Half Hawaiian shirt and white pants. Remember?

Why blue shirt, white pants?

I once saw a boy wearing a blue shirt and white pants. Looked very nice. Still floating in the eye.

There is no question that I will look beautiful because the boy looked beautiful.

Don't argue.

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