Jochna's phoenix has exploded on Cinnamon Island

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Jochna's phoenix has exploded on Cinnamon Island

Jochna's phoenix has blossomed on Cinnamon Island. The moonlight is reflected in the water around the island! This light is much more mysterious than the light of the land. Intense but calm. This light in some strange way goes straight to the dark chamber of the heart. An intense wail arose in the minds of the people. People do not know the reason for that wailing. Nature does not reveal all its secrets to man.

Shuvro is sitting and rubbing his body. Anushka on the other side of the jar. There is Muna near the sea, far away from them. Motaleb and Rana are walking restlessly. Their eyes are on the crazy girl sitting on a big coral. I don't like the girl's attitude. The head does not know exactly when to sit. Maybe jumped into the sea.

Anushka looked at Shuvro and said, how does Shuvro feel?

Feeling very bad.

Anushka was surprised and said, why do you feel bad?

Shuvro said in a simple voice, such a beautiful world. But I won't see this pretty long. My eyes are getting damaged. And in a few days, then I'm really going to be blind.

Zari said, what are you saying?

Honestly. I never lie. Whose name is white, how can he lie? My eye nerves are drying up.

Anushka said, stay tuned. Let's talk about something else. Let's all tell the story of a beautiful experience in our lives. Call, call, call everyone. Come here.

Everyone came. Just sat mad. On the rocks. I will tell the story of a beautiful experience of my life - then you will tell. Then we will all go down to the sea holding hands. The story is that my mother died after passing that intermediate. I am very lonely. At that time my father used to take me around the village. Once I went to a village in Netrokona. In the evening, my father came with me to a bowl house. What a beautiful look in that bowl মতো exactly like white. Big eyes, what a strange sight. The father said - my daughter is in a very bad mood. You make my daughter feel good by singing. Baul Ek sang while looking at me-

If you were mine

I am yours.

I used to caress you while sitting on your lap


What a strange song — my body began to tremble. Wished. Crying, I tell Baul - I am sitting on your lap - take me and caress me.

Tears came to Anushka's eyes as she spoke. He did not wipe his eyes. He looked at Jarir with watery eyes and smiled.

Zari said in a hushed voice, "I feel like I know." White, I know how.

Anushka grabbed Jarir's hand. Frightened, he said, why are you doing that? Your hands and feet are shaking!

Zari said, you release my hand, I will go down to the sea.

Impossible! I will not leave you.

Nira said, I don't see the crazy girl. Where is he?

Motaleb gestured with his finger দেখ ঐ So, the girl is running towards the sea shore.

Anushka said, you stop him. What is this girl doing?

Motaleb said uneasily, you go to Anushka girl alone. I do not understand he has taken off all the clothes? He is running naked.

Anushka said, come with me. I'm afraid to go alone. What's going on?

Anushka is running. The crazy girl's squeaky laughter can be heard. Motaleb and Rana are following Anushka.

Zari said, white, will I go to sea? Come on.

Shuvro said, don't go to sea now. I know why I feel good. No. If we have to get down, we will all hold hands and get down together.

No, I'll get off now.

Please lace, please.

At midnight they all went down to the sea together holding hands. Anushka said, all of you tell the sea about the most difficult thing in your life. We will leave all our troubles near the sea and come ashore. Say Muna, you say first-

Muna said in a calm voice, I have no regrets.

Before Muna could finish, a big wave came and drenched everyone. The sea seems to understand lies. The crazy girl laughed and giggled.

Shuvra suddenly said in a panicked voice, Well, why did Jochna suddenly go down?

Jochana has not decreased, Jochana has become more intense. It seems that the whole island is suddenly on fire. But why can't you see anything white? Zari is standing holding Shuvro's hand - so close, but where is he that Zari can't see?

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