I slept till evening

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I slept till evening

I slept till evening. Rehana went in search a few times. I haven't slept well for so long. Didn't you have a fever? He put his hand on his forehead once. Feeling hot. If you walk in the sun all day, the fever will come. In the evening Rehana called Shuvro. Not to sleep in the evening. Sleeping in the evening reduces life expectancy.

White, do you feel bad, Dad?


The body is hot.

My body is fine, mother, your hands are cold.

Come wash your face. I gave you tea.

We'll sleep a little longer, Mom.

Are you talking like crazy? I will not go to your Riya aunt's house?

I don't want to go, Mom.

Don't talk too much. Come up. Rhea sent the car. Get up, father. Here are your glasses.

Shuvro sat up. He raised his hand and took the glasses. Rehana said, all your clothes are ironed. Pajamas Punjabi. Riya says you should wear pajamas Punjabi.

Mom, I won't go today, I will go another day.

I'll be back in a while. Rear no-what are you talking about.

Party-party or mother?

Um, of course, yes, I know this, why it's something known in advance. Riya used to say at the party. Hold hands white. Name from the bed holding my hand.

Shuvra Mar got down from the bed holding her hand.

Shuvro was dazzled when he entered the drawing room of Riyadh's house. So much light is shining around. Not only that, there is a lot of noise. The drawing room is so big, it still looks like people are giggling. The CD is playing on a high volume. The CD player keeps playing as long as you are awake.

Seeing Shuvro entering, Riya came running. Rear hand glass fish shaped plate. Any food that sits on the head of a plate-filled toothpick. Whenever there is a party, Riya makes a strange dish herself. Today's dish is his. None of the guests are showing much enthusiasm for this dish. Can't put in the mouth for extra salt.

Rhea said, the income is white.

White said in a panicked voice, "Isn't it a party?"

Oh no. Where did I see the party. I told some people to just eat. Yes, let's see, put a food in your mouth. Salted dry beef. Mexican food. Hunter beef has to be salted.

Little aunt, you give it to me. Eating by yourself, you don't have to feed.

The Mahabharata will not be impure if it is put in the mouth. Let's see. And listen, don't call me aunt in front of everyone. I am an aunt far away. Your che is only two years older.

What to call?

Call by name. I will say sweetly - Riya. Where are you?

The white ha. Everyone is looking at him. Feeling very uncomfortable. Who made a joke. Everyone laughed haha. Rhea said, how do I feel?


Look carefully and then say - good. Take a good look through the glasses.

Aunt, I can't stay in this room for long. I'm out of breath.

You don't have to sit in this room for long. I'm taking you to another house - I'll introduce you to a girl. Talk to him and see if he remembers. Sending you out for a year. If you remember the girl, take her. Before that, let me introduce you to everyone.

Rhea took Shuvro's hand and led him to the middle of the room. Rhea said in a high voice, attention please. I am introducing you to the most handsome boy in the world. This boy calls me aunt - even though I'm not his aunt. This boy has never been second without first in any test in his life. What does it feel like to be second in an exam? This boy does not have that experience. Its name is white.

Before the end of the rear, a gentleman said, "White brother, come here, dust off your feet." We fly in the forehead.

Everyone laughed again. Riya said, Mr. Farid, don't make fun of Shuvro. He is very sensitive. As a child, if someone told him something, he would run into his room, close the door and cry. Maybe now. White, are you still crying?

Shuvro said, don't cry now - smile now.

White, then go to the next room with a smile. There is a surprise for him in that room. Dinner will not be served before ten o'clock at night. There is no cooking in the house - the food will come from outside.

Farid breathed a sigh of relief and said, I survived. We ate Hunter Beef in panic.

Everyone smiled again. The rear face is smiling. The party is frozen. Once upon a time - the party does not want to freeze. There is noise, there is eating and drinking, but there is no life in the party. Feels very tired when the party is over. Some days the party gets crowded. No one wants to leave the ribbon. Little by little everyone laughed and rolled over. Riya wants the party to be frozen today. Jamuk very well. It will be one o'clock at night. No one will understand. It's been so long -. No one would want to leave earlier. No one will say - sorry, I can't stay long, I have an urgent job. I have to say goodbye. Enjoyed it very much. Riya has to say - attention please, please stop. It's one o'clock at night. But before you go, listen to a good news. The good news is about white.

Yes, Rhea wants to do something like a foreign story-novel. He wants to declare an engagement in the party. Mr. Iajuddin has given permission to Riya. A green signal was received from the real place about the girl. It depends on what Shuvro does or does not do. On Mr. Iajuddin. Not on white. But Iajuddin is very intelligent. He will not let Shuvro understand the matter. Shuvro does not know that her father has talked to the girl many times. The family of the girl has been investigated. This party has been organized today as per the words of Mr. Iajuddin. Mr. Iajuddin also arranged for the food to come from outside.

Rhea took Shuvro to a room next to the drawing boom. The boy said happily, "White, you talk to the young woman sitting on the sofa." He was brought in to give you company. You can't stand the party, I know - exclusive arrangements for you. My fair work, I'm going—. I will come in a gap and go with your coffee.

Rhea went out like a storm. The girl said in a simple voice, sit down. Why are you standing? My name is Anushka. Nickname is Neetu.

White said in surprise, surprise! Your name is Neetu!

Neetu was surprised and said, why are you so surprised? Does the name Neetu seem very unfamiliar to you?

No, it doesn't look unfamiliar. One of my acquaintances is Neetu. I have never seen such a good girl in my life.

What do you mean by good girl? Good student?

Good with everything. There are some people who feel holy when they go. Neetu Apa is one of them.

Is she your sister?

Yes. My friend's older sister.

You are still standing. Sit down, sit down and tell your Neetu Upper story.

White sat down. He suddenly noticed that he felt good talking to Anushka. Probably a factor as to why they're doing so poorly.

Rhea came to a gap and grabbed Dugras Coke in the hands of the two of them and said to Shuvro in her ear, isn't the girl great? Like?

White smile. Rhea said, well, there's a very good bottle of champagne. I thought the bottle would open on New Year's Day - you opened it. White, would you like a sip?


Well Dad, don't eat that. You talk to Neetu. If you want to tell the story, I can hold Neetu's hand. Neetu will not mind. Isn't that Neetu?

Neetu smiled and said, I will not mind. But Shuvro would never want to hold my hand.

Rhea said, who said you do not want? Would like

Uh-huh. I know men very well. I know them better than I know them. Mr. Shuvro wants to hold the hand of a person named Neetu, I am not the one.

White looked at the girl in surprise. Surprise! The girl is right. Looking at this Neetu, he was thinking of Neetu Apar. What a surprise! A little coke fell from his hand into the white Punjabi. Neetu laughed out loud.

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