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"What is forbidden is always forbidden."

- Tahera Akhter

Sheikh Hammad narrates an incident which is his own

Mahalla. He said

"One day I was sitting in the mosque after Fajr

The little boy came and told me-

"Can you go to our house for a while? Dad said to come home if you don't mind.

- I said okay let's go. I went to their house, their house was not near the mosque.

The boy's father greeted me, and I went in and sat down.

The father said

"Sheikh! My daughter is very ill, she has been fainting a few times since last night

It's over, the girl's mother is repeatedly smearing her ears, but I do not understand what the girl is saying!

- I went there, I saw

A man with his head covered is lying down, approaching

I gave Kalima's talqin

La ilaha illallah Muhammadur

Rasulullah (peace be upon him). Even after saying it several times, I did not get any response from the girl

After going for a while, I thought, inside the sheet

A faint sound is coming from. I said to the girl's father: Try to listen to your ears, see if you understand what he is saying.

-Dad took his ear to his mouth. He was able to save the girl with many attempts

Saying: -I can't say anything, ah! My chest is about to burst, I feel a lot of pressure on my chest, ah! I can see a huge fire burning in the distance. How did he cut? What is he?

Did you?

-Shaikh! My daughter is a very good girl. She is the best girl in terms of education, manners, but she had only one problem.

- I asked, is that it?

- Most of the day he would listen to music with headphones on or not

It would not be good to hear. Even while reading

He used to put music headphones on his ears! And because of this song, his prayers and recitations were often lacking.

Shaykh said: -

"It simply came to our notice then

Kalima Nasib Tukuo did not at the moment!

This is our lesson

Shouldn't music and musical instruments be haram in Islam? And haram seto is always haram.

Those who have this bad habit of listening to Allah's songs

For the sake of satisfaction, stop listening to music and Allah will give you the exchange of um.

Allah Tala is forbidden to all of us and from the curse of Satan

Keep it free. (Amen)

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Excellent your story.go ahead.

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