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, Girls refrain from commenting ,,,,

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, My lord husband ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

I never thought of my master type

Will marry someone. My wish

Despite not being under family pressure

You have to sit on the wedding pedestal. I

Whether to marry a modern girl

Sir? It's like thinking

Feeling we have 'Run out of gas' emotionally. Just to get married

I did not want to be one again

The girlfriend came and said, Kiri koliza tui

I married the lord and found the pot

Didn't pass. Another thought came to my ears

He whispered, "Your groom."

Where will I kiss the beard all over my face?

Looked very annoyed. Wishing right now

I got up from my seat. Sudden foot thump

With the gap of the veil in a thumping voice

I saw a man coming.

I understood by looking at her costume and structure

He is my husband. Reluctance

Despite getting up with his hands and feet

I saluted. Tell me to stay

Raise your hand to the bed

Basal and said, what is your name? Too

I did not want to say my name

Knowingly married me?

I said Rhea, he said

Rhea- beautiful name but you

Do you know what the name Riya means?

The mood is getting worse

I said, no - listen, Riya in Arabic

The word means arrogance. And that to people

Destroys things in him

Rhea is one of them. So from today I

I'll call you Mim. No more

I can't keep the mood right.

Basar night my husband me

Teaching money is right in someone's head

Staying? I said in a slightly annoyed tone,

That's what you like best

Call. I think I understand

You feel bad

Fall asleep ‘My Righteous Husband’ (2)

I woke up to the sound of humming. Ears

Trying to hear the sound upright

I did, I realized someone was reading the Qur'an.

I looked and saw my husband. His

To listen to the recitation of the Qur'an in a melodious voice

Looked good. So I sat up a little.

Seeing me sit up and recite

He stopped and said, Assalamu Alaikul. Happy

Morning, how was the sleep? With regards

I said it was good. That's it

The days were passing. He is in the middle of it

I have to pray in many ways

Talked. So much patience and so much good

Explaining that I was very surprised myself

I would have. All his efforts are successful

One day I started praying.

I saw his face filled with happiness

It's over. His smiling face

It looked good. Prayers 5 times

Although I read 4 times. Fajr

I did not pray. Very lazy

It cost. He used to call me

I didn't wake up. That's what he understands

I was able to get up on purpose


So call me to the side

He sat down and said, look, you are like this

Then sleep for 8 hours every day

1 in 3 of the day you sleep

Cutting. If your lifespan is 60 years

If so, then you are one third

That means you are sleeping for 20 years. God

So you sleep this long

Not sent to earth to cut. Then

Lots of good things to come

He listened to the words of the Qur'an. So good

I heard that

Tears came to my eyes. Then

From time to time 1 time prayers

I did not work. Always religious

Obey the discipline. Today I regret it

No. I am proud of my husband.

I have been posting for girls for so long. Today I posted for the boys. Please comment on how it is.

Author: Abu Raihan

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Very nice!

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That’s right and the most story

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post ta onk onk beshi vlo lagse... sotti amra jibone aito bestotar sathe katacchi j ai dik gula Jana ba porai hoi nah.... thnx a lot,aito sundhor akta lekha likhar jonno.. amon korei vlo vlo likhar towfiq allah apnak dan koruk... amin...... u r also support me...nice..

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