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3 years ago

Telling a beautiful story

If you want, you can spend 30 seconds to read,

I promised you will gain and not lose !!!

Once upon a time a person was reading a text "!!!

Suddenly the man said ..


👉 Then he reads to the bottom of the text

He started ...


He started reading again

And said ...

লা "La ilaha illallah Muhammadur Rasulullah (SAW)."

She started to feel very good and said ..

("Allah Akbar")

👉 Then he is his own

To get rid of sins, he said,


👉 And finally he is his beloved Prophet Hazrat

Durood fell on Muhammad (peace be upon him) ..

("Allahumma Salli Allah Sayyidina Muhammad."

Wala A-li Sayyidina Maulana Muhammad) !!!

সে He does the above things

Got a lot of rewards !!!

Do you know who that person is?

↓↓ That person

You are yourself - if you fall

Write Alhamdulillah in the comment and express your gratitude "!!!"

Alhamdulillah 6

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Good post

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Very nice Islamic story...

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Good command on your article.....

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Tnx for sharing

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