Islamic romabtic story

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The husband went to the market and told his wife


But number waiting, husband

Come home

To the wife from the side of the door


Then asked

How are you

The wife said well, the husband said,

Called you

But the number was waiting,

Where were you talking,

The wife said to my girlfriend,

The husband said, "My God."

Subhanahu Ta'ala has ordered

To tell the truth,

Even if your life is in danger,

And when a servant tells a lie,

Then the stench of his false words angel 1

Goes miles away.

And the Messenger of Allah said,

My ummah can never be a liar.

The wife was silent for a while and said,

I was talking to a friend of mine,

The husband said look

Allah Subhanahu Ta'ala, the relationship between husband and wife is halal,

And the boy you talked to,

It is haraam to talk to such boys,

Do you know where Paradise is?

The wife did not say,

The husband said, Huzur Pak (peace be upon him) said,

Paradise is your two thighs and two

In the middle of the jaw, that person is these two

He will take care of things, he is paradise.

The husband stood in prayer,

At the end of the prayers

Prayed for the wife, ya

God if you

Hard-hearted people like Hazrat Washi (R),

You can understand the religion,

Hard as Hazrat Umar Farooq (R)

You can give people an understanding of religion,

Then guide my wife and you,

Give me good children through him.

The wife listened to her husband's prayers and thought

The one I talk to is,

This man is not fit to pull shoes,

Knows everything but loves me so much.

No more

I will repent today, and at my husband's feet

I apologize for the time being.

Late at night the wife grabs her husband's leg and apologizes,

Husband says, I know you

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Nice Islamic love story

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Wow,,so interesting Islamic love story..

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