Debindar swami wife romantic story

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☺️☺️Debindar_Swami_Wife_Romantic_A_Story. ♥

Fajr is being called.

Wife: Get up, the call is being made. Get up to go to the mosque.

Husband: I don't sleep any more.

Wife: Yes, sleep, you relax,

And I'm going to fetch water

I'll put it in your mouth.

Husband: Hey, look at this,

I woke up.

The wife smiled and saluted.

She then asked her husband

Wife: How was your sleep?

Husband: Hmm, I slept so well.

I also had a dream.

Wife: Ish, I understand! What do you see?

Husband: I saw half a dozen

The baby behind me is my father and father.

She is calling you Ammu Ammu.

Wife: Uh huh .. There has been a lot of mischief.

Get up quickly.

Husband: Look how Ish divides.

Wife: Shall I run or pull it down?

Husband: Look, the madman is angry.

I got up with this.

The husband is ready to perform ablution.

He was going out for prayers.

The wife is standing by the door.

Husband: You know that very good wife "?

Wife: Huh, it's getting late.

Husband: Every day like this

How can you send me to prayers with gossip?

Wife: Even then you will not get up on your own, right?

Husband: Sleep on your call in the morning

Break then chase your prayers

I will go to study. And for that

I will never get up on my own.

Wife: You for prayers

Ready to send me

Sounds much better.

Husband: That's why I love you so much.

Wife: It's getting late but go early.

I make tea.

Husband: God bless you

Wife: Fee Amanillah.

With a smile on her face, the husband walks down the dark path to the prayers and says to himself,

"Oh God, there's no way I can end up thanking you. I don't know why you gave me such a life partner."

The wife locked the door and sat in Jainamaz

The prayer begins,

"Oh God, be with this man

The last moment of life is cut short

And the beginning of the Hereafter

Hold this man's hand. "

Let every husband-wife relationship be so honeymoon and romantic -... Amen.

❤Fi Amanillah

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