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Tourism industry in Bangladesh

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Travel is one of the most popular means of entertainment. And thousands of tourist destinations have sprung up around the world based on the daily needs of people who are thirsty for travel. In line with the times, endless efforts are being made to establish tourist centers as one of the sources of income. And from this thought consciousness tourism has developed as an industry. Bangladesh is a land of natural beauty. The arrival of tourists in this country has been remembered in history since ancient times. At present, the tourism industry has become one of the sources of national income in Bangladesh.

Definition of Tourism: It is difficult to define tourism in a few words or in the light of certain criteria. Because in the eyes of each person, tourism is different. Simply put, tourism is the location of people in a place of interest and the activities associated with it for the purpose of enjoying worldly beauty. When the economy gets a different momentum centered on tourism, it is called tourism industry. According to the definition of the International Tourism Expert Organization, "tourism is the sum of the travels and relationships of a person who is not engaged in any lucrative activity and has not settled permanently."

Tourism center of Bangladesh: Bangladesh is the center of various aesthetic beauties. The tourist centers of this country are a combination of various varieties. Some are historically important, some are famous for their natural beauty and some are attracting the attention of tourists as an aesthetic monument of religious heritage. Bangladesh is a country that is rich in all its traditional, cultural, historical and spiritual resources. Due to this, tourists have been coming to Bangladesh since ancient times. Everyone knows the story of Fa Hien, Hiuen Tsang and Ibn Battuta who became famous tourists. Due to the diversity of tourist destinations in Bangladesh, diversity can also be noticed among tourists. The names of the tourist centers of Bangladesh are given below with the help of location chart-

Location is the reason why the name of the tourist center is famous

1. The Sundarbans is the largest mangrove forest in the world. Khulna

2. Cox's Bazar is the longest beach in the world. Cox's Bazar

3. St. Martin's Island is the only marine coral island in Bangladesh. Cox's Bazar

4. Kuakata is a famous place to watch sunrise and sunset from one place. Patuakhali

5. Mahasthangarh is famous for its ancient and archeological monuments. Bogra

6. Sonargaon is also famous for its folk art. Narayanganj

7. Paharpur / Sompur Bihar is famous for its Buddhist civilization. Naogaon

8. Madhabkunda is the only natural waterfall in Bangladesh. Sylhet

9. Shilaidaha world poet Rabindranath Tagore has spent most of his life in this place. Here is his mansion. Kushtia

10. The sixty-domed mosque is a unique creation in the medieval Islamic culture and architecture. Bagerhat

11. Sitakot Bihar is an ancient Buddhist monastery. Dinajpur s

12. Mainamati Archaeological Site

Economic importance of tourism industry in Bangladesh: Tourism industry is one of the fastest growing industries of the present time. The industry has become one of the top foreign exchange earning countries in the world due to its multidimensional diversity. Earnings in the tourism industry in Bangladesh are increasing every year. According to the Bangladesh Bank, Bangladesh's income from the tourism sector in 1999 was Tk 245.19 crore. It increased to 612 crore 45 lakh 20 thousand rupees in 2008. About 2% of Bangladesh's GDP comes from the tourism sector. The tourism industry has provided employment to about one million people. In 2012, 4.3 percent of the total GDP came from the tourism sector in terms of money, which is about 39,060 crore. Besides, in 2012 alone, 12 lakh 61 thousand 500 officers and employees were involved in the tourism sector. Which is 1.6 percent of the total jobs. (Source: WOTTC Report 2012)

Problems of Bangladesh Tourism Industry: Tourism industry, the major regulator of Bangladesh's economy, is plagued with various problems. Due to various reasons, the tourism industry is not developing properly in Bangladesh. The problems of the tourism industry in Bangladesh are-

1) Political Instability: Political instability in Bangladesh is the biggest threat to the tourism industry. Due to the heated political arena in Bangladesh at different times, the development of the country's tourism industry was hampered.

2) Communication and infrastructural problems: Just like the lack of comfortable communication system like going to tourist centers, the accommodation system there is also not good. So even though the tourist centers are attractive, the tourists lose interest in going.

3) Lack of attractive publicity: Attractive publicity about the beauty of tourist centers is not run. As a result, beauty-thirsty people do not know about these interesting places.

4) Lack of skilled guides: There is a great lack of skilled guides in Bangladesh to guide foreign tourists in the history and heritage of tourist centers. The more the number of interpreter guides can be increased, the more foreign tourists will come to Bangladesh.

5) Lack of government initiative: The government of Bangladesh has always neglected an important sector like tourism. Ensuring the management and safety of tourist centers was supposed to be on the government's priority list, but it was not possible even after 43 years of independence.

6) Lack of private enterprise: There are very few private entrepreneurs in Bangladesh who pay attention to the tourism industry. The tourism industry has flourished in almost all the countries through the initiatives of the private entrepreneurs of that country. But Bangladeshi entrepreneurs do not want to invest in the tourism sector due to lack of conducive environment and guaranteed security.

6) Lack of adequate and advanced training: In order to attract tourists again and again, all the officials and employees associated with the tourist center need to be given advanced and adequate training. Such arrangements are very limited in Bangladesh.

6) Lack of security: Lack of security is observed in the tourism industry of Bangladesh. The news in the newspapers is that foreigners are being deceived or suffering in various ways. Foreigners often do not come to Bangladesh due to lack of full security in tourist centers.

Things to do for the development of the tourism industry in Bangladesh: The prosperity of the tourism industry is necessary to maintain the continuity of the pace of development of Bangladesh. In addition to raising awareness, the following steps can be taken-

1) Tourism policy must be implemented properly.

2) It is necessary to establish a communication system that is easily accessible to the tourist centers.

3) Arrangements should be made for foreign tourists to stay in peace.

4) Extensive mass education on tourism and school-college students should be taught about tourism.

5) Skilled Tourist Guide should be developed by providing necessary training.

6) The risk of the transport sector must be reduced. So that domestic and foreign tourists can reach the tourist center by plane, launch, bus or other vehicles without any hassle.

6) Tourist centers should be made attractive through public-private joint ventures.

6) To attract the tourists by presenting the natural landscapes of Bangladesh through publicity.

9) Above all, political stability must be ensured by maintaining law and order in the country.

In order to strengthen the economic sector of Bangladesh, emphasis should be laid on the tourism industry. It has to be built on a strong foundation by removing the obstacles in the way of development of this industry. This requires effective initiatives, sound management and sincere efforts. The development of this industry is not only for economic gain but also for the image of the country. Everyone must come forward to establish tourism as one of the sources of earning foreign exchange by creating a conducive environment.

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