Make addiction a profession

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2 years ago

How many of us can get out of the constant pressure of studying and make a living by choosing a field that our family expects? How many can celebrate their death by sharpening their addiction and turning it into a profession? Ever wondered? Maybe I thought, maybe not again!

At one time, people thought that drawing could be an addiction, but it is not wise to think that it will provide money. And there is no respect in it. There is respect only in the medical and engineering professions. The ideas have changed a lot now. Many people now dare to choose subjects like photography, painting, music or writing to fix the Aim in Life. However, today's article is for those who are suffering from the dilemma of whether to choose hobby or addiction as a profession. Before you decide to spend your whole life thinking that you don't like work, just thinking that there is a need for it in the society, don't you dare to polish your addiction a little bit and see if life makes sense in it? Learn to take on challenges. Don't cheat.

Prepare yourself in a few steps before turning addiction into a profession. Let's see the steps

01. Learn and master:

If you want to master the work of love better, learn as fast as you can. Keep learning and practicing. The more you know everything from the basics to the details, the more it will benefit you in the professional field. Seek the advice of all the experts in your contact regularly. I am asking you to learn quickly because you can get to know the reality better if you start working. It will not give less benefit than studying and knowing! Rather it will benefit a little more in some cases.

02. Start the initial plan:

Make a perfect plan before starting a career. It may not be necessary in all cases, but there is no pair to be prepared by making various important points of career. He does it only when he is intelligent. And besides, a good plan works a lot like a guide to an unknown path. But don't go for less that your full potential. It will be a waste of time. Instead, set small goals. At the end of the day, your name will be in the satisfaction book.

03. Build a network:

Build a strong network. Walking alone is not only difficult, but also a little foolish. And good career relationships, effective networks have always been, are and will be important. If the ability to handle everything alone is not created, fix the collaborator. Otherwise you can outsource it. Nowadays many people work in freelance. Choose one of them. Labor will be reduced, work will be speeded up.

04. Take a rest

When you start the path by turning the work of love into a profession, the work will no longer seem to be work. Why would the mind want to accept even if the fatigue is gone by working with all the mind-soul, energy? But it must be admitted! Definitely work with breaks. Do not lose your health by giving hard work. It will cause problems for the future! So work with rest, with a cool head, with a healthy body and mind.

05. Find inspiration:

Get to know your predecessors by going through history. Find out how they have conquered their dreams. Gather those inspirations and invigorate yourself today. Success will come. An inspirational story is enough to push you forward, leaving behind a thousand discourages. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

So read on to touch your dream from today. Make up your mind and jump to work. Good days are not far away. Good luck.

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